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Shaklee Corporation is Growing –Join us!

We are excited to announce the opening of our Shaklee Indonesia office. On June 10, 2012 we will mark the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the head office in Jakarta.

It’s a Matter of Life or Death

Your weight. It is a matter of Life or Death. Your Life or Your Death. What will you choose?
Fact: 1 out of 2 obese people will die prematurely due to complications associated with their weight.

Ring in the New! Weight, Wait and Success

2012: Weight, Wait and Success! Join me in all three for a great 2012. Creating a Healthier Life and a Better Life can be yours in 2012.

Customer Service from Shaklee

He called Shaklee and was given a full replacement of his 2 supplements that were destroyed by his dog. Now that is amazing service to me.

Fundraising Outside the Box!

A new way to raise funds for your favorite charity! After you have watched the video, email me and we can work together to create a sustainable income from sustainable products for your charity

Protein–A Powerful Necessity for the Human Body

Protein helps your body fight of disease, provides a source of energy and comes from many different sources.

St Louis and Building a Business

The Shaklee Global Convention was about science and creating generational wealth. An interesting concept these days. More to come in future posts! Here is a clip from Robert Kiyosaki on MLM’s and why building a business is better than building a job.

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