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Start 2015 with New Goals

Start 2015 with New Goals for a New Year!  Resolutions are made and quickly broken, forgotten.  Change is never something we embrace easily as humans.  But change can be healthy for us and make us have a better quality of life.  Long life is not good if the last years are spent in hospitals or nursing homes with ill health.  Besides being expensive, illness is no way to live your life.  We are made to be healthy, but we often do things that are bad for our health.

Smoking, over eating, keeping stress levels too high, not getting proper rest, not getting proper exercise, not eating good food, eating junk food, drinking too much soda and alcohol, and so much more.  We forget we are not bullet-proof!

2015-Kickoff-Social-4Let’s make 2015 the year we make changes toward better health, toward a healthier lifestyle, toward more exercise, toward happiness not stress.  Change comes slowly over the course of time.  Make a list of a few things you want to accomplish in 2015.  Maybe it is losing 10 pounds.  Maybe it is to stop smoking.  Maybe it is to take up a sport.  Make the list.

Now decide what you need to do to get to that 1st small goal.  Is it to modify your exercise, your eating habits or smoking habits?  Make small changes over the course of a few months.  These small changes will allow you to have success as you are making progress towards your larger goal.  Deciding to lose 100 pounds is a big change, but 10 pounds can happen in a few weeks or a month.  Small successes added together equal big change over time!

Visit my Shaklee site for help with weight loss, stress management, better sleep, and sports nutrition products to aid in that new sport you are excited about trying.  Get out of your rut, take charge of your present so your future can be the one you deserve!

My Favorite Snack for Summer!

Summers should be spent by the water, or on the water in a boat, splashing about.  Laughing and having fun while getting some exercise is the best way to spend a hot summer afternoon.   Growing up in the South, I spent my Summer days outside playing.  Splashing in the lake or hiking in the woods, both were adventures.IMG_3789 Beach with Umbrella and Palm Shadows 4x6 100dpi

After a few hours of playing, we would be ready for a mid-afternoon snack.  Of course, cold watermelon was delicious, along with strawberries and peaches.  To add some crunch to the fruits, we often had a big bowl of popcorn!  Back then, we did not have a microwave to instantly nuke some kernels of corn coated in a variety of chemicals.  No, we did things from scratch.

Now that I have my own family to make snacks for, I find myself going back to the easy way to make popcorn, on the stove top!  It is yummy and easy.  The recipe has been handed down in the family for generations, and I just passed it on to my niece while we were on a family vacation.  She could not get enough of my popcorn.  Puts the microwave stuff to shame!

The recipe is simple really and even the older kids can get in on the fun.  Make this a family cooking event.  And it is good year round as well.

You will need:Popcorn_1_2 5x3 5_72copy
1.  Large Dutch Oven or Pressure Cooker base (larger the pot the better).
2.  Splatter guard.  I use a silicon one, but a metal one would work as well.
3.  Organic Coconut Oil.  This is what makes the popcorn have a yummy flavor.  And no, it does not taste like coconuts when popped.
4. Non-GMO Popping Corn.  I like the Organic Popping Corn from the Farmer’s Market as well as the Orville Redenbacher Non-GMO White Popping Corn.  White or Yellow is your personal choice.  They both taste good, just slightly different!
5.  Table Salt.  I used Iodized Table Salt.  It is fine and sticks to the kernels.  And that is important since unsalted popcorn is just yucky!  Kosher salt is usually to large and does not stick as well.

Now, put your pan on the eye of the stove, medium high heat.  Add 1 Tablespoon to 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil to the pan.   As the coconut oil melts, lightly cover the bottom of the pan with the popcorn kernels.  You might need to adjust the amount of popcorn to suit your pan as you don’t want the corn to overflow the pan when popped.  Give a light dusting of salt to the kernels, and add the splatter guard.

As soon as you hear the kernels begin to pop (several minutes will pass depending on pan and stove!) get ready to add some more salt.  When the pan is about half full of popped kernels, carefully slide the splash guard to one side, uncovering enough to peek into the pan.  IF the kernels are not hopping out of the pan, then add a little more salt.  Wait till you can safely add the salt as you don’t want corn everywhere!

Now is the time to start a gentle shake of the pan, still covered with the splash guard. Or you can take a big spoon or rounded tip knife to gently stir the corn kernels.  This will make certain that all the kernels come in contact with the hot bottom of the pan, so they can pop.  Fewer old maids this way! b22030 But do be very careful as the oil & pan are HOT!

When you hear the popping becoming less frequent, it is time to remove from the heat and salt one last time, stirring as you salt.  Grab some bowls, a glass of Shaklee’s Energizing Tea and get ready for the best afternoon treat anywhere!  You will never eat microwave popcorn again.

Handling Holiday Stress

Handling Holiday Stress is a full time job for some of us!  It seems to build more each year, starting earlier and staying around longer.  Stress is not healthy for anyone, so reducing stress is a must during the Holidays.  Now don’t think that you have to give up everything and take a vacation during the month of December to avoid all that stress.  No, but you do have to re-think the things you say “Yes”to as well as the amount of cooking, decorating and shopping you are doing. Our goal is to enjoy the holidays, not endure them!

Saying “No” can be a good thing!  It is hard to say “No” at times, especially when you like to please people and you are good at the task you are asked to fulfill.  But often we take on additional tasks that others can do as well or even better, leaving us with less stress and more time to really enjoy the event.  So look carefully at your schedule and don’t be afraid to say “No” to some of those many requests for help you get each year.

Delegate!  Alright, you don’t want to say “No” to some things, but you don’t really have the time to fully accomplish that task either without going sleepless for several night.  Rather than show up sleep-deprived, delegate the task to another member of your family or your office staff.  Look around and see who has been waiting in the wings to learn a new skill and show what they are made of!  You will be pleasantly surprised at the talent that is around you waiting to grow and learn new skills.  From your spouse to your children to your mother-in-law, there are many hands available to help if you will only ask.  Teaching someone else is fun, rewarding and less stressful than always doing it yourself.

Watch your spending!  Again, saying “no” to a present is often hard.  Reality is cold and not always filled with boxes of presents for everyone in your life.  Avoid buying gifts because you feel obligated.  Have a frank discussion with friends and close family about gift giving to limit the amount spent or even eliminate gift giving all together.  Some larger family/friend groups often draw names so they are buying for only one in a large extended family/friend group.  Others do a “Dirty Santa” gift swap where each person purchases one gift of a certain dollar amount, not gender specific, for a gift swap game. It is a fun time, with lots of stealing of gifts as the game progresses, with everyone having fun and getting a nice gift.

Gifts that Keep on Giving!  Most of us have more “stuff” than we need or want.  Why not purchase gifts for the little ones, something small and fun, while making donations to your favorite charity in the names of those on your gift giving list.  Supporting the local Women’s Shelter, Orphanage, Children’s Hospital or a Scholarship fund for a deserving graduating High School Senior are just some of the many options.  Writing a personal note of Thanksgiving for someone in your life and letting them know about the donation you made in their honor is a special way to give gifts that keep on giving.

Keep focused on the reason for the season.  Don’t get so caught up in the must-dos and ought-to-dos that you loose sight of the reason you are getting together with family and friends.  Enjoy the time with them and forget the fact that the Christmas tree is not totally full of decorations or that the ham was cooked by the local deli and not you! 

Over the years, the memories created during these celebrations are more valuable than any store bought gift.  Time is a gift you can give everyone on your list if you plan well and forget the “shoulds and oughts” of life.  Enjoy where you are and who you are with at each event, remain in the present and forget about presents!  And if you need a little help winding down after the parties, take a Shaklee Stress Relief Complex like I do and you will release the stress naturally without negative side effects.  Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!

The Wonders of an Ice Cube Tray

Going up as a kid in the 50’s meant that refrigerators did not have ice makers.  There were no fancy buttons and doors on the front of the refrigerator to dispense ice to the hot and dusty children.  No, back then we had metal ice cube trays that were fun to operate since there was a lever in the middle to release the ice.

It made a wonderful cracking noise when you finally got the ice to release.  The lever was attached to a grid section of metal leaves that was separate from the tray.  The grid section was put in the tray, water was added, tray with grid was placed in the freezer section, hours went by and the frozen tray was removed.

Now the fun part was getting the lever to release the ice. If you put a bit too much water in the tray, as I always managed to do, the ice was up and over the grid, making it hard to release the ice cubes.  After much tugging, groaning and maybe a little run under some water, the lever would move, ice would shatter from the top of the cubes and drinking cool water and iced tea would begin.  Wonderful time!

Now that we have automatic ice makers, we have almost forgotten how wonderful ice cube trays are.  When we were kids, Mother would add orange juice or apple juice and occasionally Kool-Aid to the trays for a cold summery addition to water, juice or sweet iced tea.  Remembering those flavored cold additions to our beverages as a child got me to thinking about what we could do today.  Kids are still kids when it comes to liking cold drinks after play.

I went to the store, found some plastic ice cube trays, and have been making my own filtered ice all summer!  I had forgotten the fun of popping the ice from the tray, even in plastic.  My favorite benefit of not using the in-freezer ice maker is the taste of the ice, or should I say, the lack of taste of the ice.  I use a Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher which is an amazing filter system, getting out a multitude of pesticides, herbicides, 99% of the lead and more, leaving me with water as it should be, clean and “taste free”.  The automatic ice maker, with the puny in-refrigerator filter always gave the ice a “whang” (Southern for icky taste!).

Now that I make my own ice, with my 3 ice cube trays, I fill the dispenser each day and let the crusher on the freezer do it’s magic as I really like crushed ice.  The true flavor of my iced water,  iced tea and iced coffee come through each time.  Yummy!

But even more fun are the additions to the clean, filtered water in the trays!  Mother was always adding juice to the trays so her punches for parties would not water down.  Same thing with iced tea.  Now I suggest that you make a pot of your favorite tea and then make several trays of frozen tea cubes for use in your iced tea.  Make tea, freeze, remove from trays to store in a freezer bag or container with air-tight lid.  Makes the tea even better.

Freeze your favorite lemonade to add to iced tea or other beverages.  Think of all those “adult” beverages that are make in the fall and winter at the various tailgate, harvest and holiday parties we throw.  That little extra touch makes the drink that much more special and the ice cube tray an essential in any kitchen!

Just think of all the things you can freeze in the ice cube trays!  Cut little pieces of strawberries and blueberries in orange juice for use in morning protein shakes or other beverages.  For a savory cube for some of those adult beverages you could add celery or small onions, yellow & red peppers.  And for those fall stews, fill those trays with you chicken, beef or vegetable stocks for a quick infusion of flavor in future meals.  Freeze and store most any liquid for use at a later date in convenient, easy to use cubes!  Just label the containers since frozen broth in iced tea would not be ideal.

Let your imagination run wild!  What will you freeze for your next party?  Your next family reunion?  Your Thanksgiving dinner?  Miniature frozen salads?  Miniature ice creams?  Miniature pop-icicles?  You can find the metal trays from my childhood online at several retailers.  Or look in your favorite kitchen shop or variety store for the plastic versions.  Enjoy the Wonders of the Ice Cube Tray!

As in my Grand Parent’s Day

As you know I am a big, big fan of Green products and being kind to our planet.  All that started when I was a kid and lived on a farm.  Used to use as little chemical products as possible.  Compost,  crop-rotation and natural fertilizers were popular even then.  Up early with a very sharp hoe, my Grand Mother and Grand Father did more in the early morning hours than most folks today do all day.  They knew the true meaning of work and it was their guiding principle each day.

Rocking Chair with Blue Flowers

They never put off till tomorrow what could be done today.  Since they knew that tomorrow would present a whole new packet of opportunities, work for today was done today.  We spent Summer evenings shelling peas or beans on the front porch watching the fireflies do their thing!  From early morning till late evening they never stopped.  Vegetables picked, shelled, canned or blanched for freezing, hulls put in recycle bins, worms fed and the cycle began again.

And we can all follow this example.  Ask yourself if you are really doing all you can to recycle?  Do you purchase products that are in recyclable packaging, from sustainable resources?  Do we use too many take-out plastic containers when we know we can bring along our own containers to carry home our leftovers?

Are we putting off till tomorrow making a few small changes that can make a big difference for us as well as the planet?  Are we using green cleaning products that don’t pollute, don’t contain harmful chemicals that cause asthma problems in our children or peril for our pets should they wonder into a spill?  Are we using the safest green cleaning products that can be found or just looking at the labels buying from the pictures?

As in my Grand Parent’s day, we need to take responsibility for ourselves, grow more of our own food, learn how local farmers keep prices down by selling locally, learn that fresh is better and organic means no chemicals.  Eating local produce, local beef, chicken, fish may mean a bit higher price since it is not massed produced, but it also means better taste, higher quality of product available and is always a boost to the local economy!  Win – Win for all involved.

So scout out some local farmers markets, local fisheries and local chicken farmers who have free-range chickens for eggs and meat.  Yummy.  Local fruit is delectable since it can stay on the tree or vine till ripe.  An amazing idea!  Ripe fruit, tree ripened is wonderful in desserts, salads and just as an afternoon snack.  Fill those lunch boxes with fresh local fruits, vegetable salads and enjoy.

Look at your habits, see where a few simple changes can bring you back to using local produce, local fruits and local eggs etc.  Plant a few rows of corn next spring, a few tomato plants for sweet goodness to add to salads and salsa all summer.  Now is a great time for winter squash, turnip greens and collards.  Plant in a flower pot or in a small garden, but get involved in your own life.  Feed yourself and you will appreciate the work and effort of the local farmers when you purchase you next batch of vegetables for that big pot of vegetable soup!   Stay well.

Easy Open is still an Oxymoron!

Some how it keeps happening to me.  I get a package of some sort with the words “Easy Open” printed prominently on the package.  Great I think, I can easily get to my whatever and munch away to my heart’s content.  How could I ever be so wrong?!?

I had the opportunity to fly to New York and spend some wonderful time with friends in Yonkers! Wonderful food, marvelous friends and perfect weather.  If you are in Yonkers, head

Anna Artuso's Pastry Shop Specialty Cake

over to McLean Avenue and  Anna Artuso Pastry Shop for the BEST in Italian pastries along with great Irish and Italian restaurants.  I gain weight just breathing the air in the pastry shop.  Stop in, say hello to RJ and his crew and be prepared to take home box after box of goodies.  At least their boxes are truly easy to open!

But I digress.  One the flight up to NY, I was offered a really bad cup of coffee.  Sorry Delta, Southwest has so much better coffee.  Anyway, as I was trying to sip the not-so-palatable coffee, I was also trying to carefully open one of their packages with Biscotti cookies inside.  Long,  somewhat narrow package, 2 thin cookies high.  Should be simple enough to get open.  Ha!  I tugged on both ends.  Nothing.  I then did the opposite way twist on both ends thinking the area where all the sides met the ends would be weaker, and let me in to get to the Biscotti.  HA!

So there I am, it is 6:45AM and I have a cup of really bad coffee and no way to open this little Biscotti package.  You can’t carry scissors anymore, no sharp nail files, no letter openers.  Finally after several minutes of wrestling with the red package, I finally got it open!  The opposite twist at one end finally did the trick.  But then the whole package started to fall apart.  It was as if once you got a chink in the armor, the rest feel apart. Easy open fail #1.

As the day continued, the opportunity to have some legendary airline peanuts came along with a small cup of Coca Cola (enough with the bad coffee).  Peanuts are some of  my

Stuckey's Candy

favorite munchies, being from Georgia where peanuts and pecans are so very good.  Spent high school years in Eastman, GA where Stuckey’s Candy was founded.  Right in the midst of peanut and pecan country.  Yummy treats that can each be cooked, used in cooking and eaten by the handfuls.

Now these little packages contain about 21 peanuts, all roasted and salty.  Just need about 21 bags to make it worth my while to try to open just one without scissors or a knife.  Again I am struggling to open the package.  No arm movements are enough since the package is just not budging at the little place where the opening is supposed to be.  Finally I turn the package over, twist and peanuts pour out!  Easy open #2!

Today the fun continued with Easy Open #3,  with a box of Peanut Butter Cookies, natural ones in a simple but well closed box.  First of all the construction of the box leads you to believe that the makers don’t want to hurt the environment any more than necessary, so there is no built in closure slots on the top.  Then, once you do manage to open the box, the package with those yummy cookies manages to slice itself all the way from top to bottom!  So I guess the idea of natural Peanut Cookies is to put them in a piece of Tupperware after opening so you can immediately recycle the box!

Easy Open is an Oxymoron!  Will I never learn?  Laughter seems to be the best way to deal with the term Easy Open!  Laugh when I see the term and head for the drawer with the scissors!

Stay well and have fun!!


Great Friends and Great Food Make for a Wonderful Weekend

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy visiting Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, Mount Hood, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and Victoria BC.  The list is really longer, but this blog is not that long!  Visiting fun places is always exciting.

This time however, I am getting to visit with some really wonderful friends.  Now when friends are able to visit together, I am so very happy.  The thing about great friends is that they are now family.  When we are all together, it is like we have not been apart for years.  That is just the way it is with great friends.

So if you haven’ t seen some of your old friends in some time, call them up and arrange a long weekend together.  Food, friends and family make life worth all the crazy things that happen the rest of the time!  Enjoy!

Now that is How to Celebrate a Birthday!

This past Friday I was planning to have a quiet weekend with a good friend of mine, Ms. D, and quietly celebrate my birthday.  Watch a little TV, work on a few things on the computer, sleep late and have a good cup of coffee.  Nothing fancy,  just quiet and casual.  Friday was lunch with 2 friends and then on to the quiet weekend.  Well, that is not quite how it went down!

When I got to Ms. D’s home late morning, I unloaded my clothes for the weekend, my laptop and my overnight bag with my Shaklee supplements (yes, I take them with me everywhere!) and was ready to head to lunch with everyone.  I checked some email and did a few things on the computer while waiting for the departure time.  Little did I realize that while I was in the bathroom, my friend was loading my clothes, overnight bag and everything else in the back of her car!

When we got ready to go, she asked to take along my laptop but was vague with the reason why.  Oh well, we have been friends for decades and when she asks a favor I comply without much resistance.  So I got the laptop ready and then I realized that the rest of my stuff was in her trunk along with her stuff.

Being curious, I asked her what was up and she said it was just a little adventure for my birthday.  I asked more questions and go nothing! Nothing.  Just lunch without our other friend who had had a last minute meeting with her boss.  As Ms. D drove up the interstate, I was trying to guess where we were going.  Always finding good deals online, I thought she had come across a bargin in a nice hotel or resort and we would have a nice night, go to a movie or something and head home on Saturday.

I even called my daughter and son-in-law to let them know that I was being  “kidnapped” by Ms. D and would not be in town if they tried to get in touch with me at her home.  My son-in-law answered and said he would let my daughter know that I was not in town.  Little did I know at that time that they were in on the “kidnapping”!

We went north, and got to Chattanooga, but did not stop where I had guessed we might.  Heading east, I thought about Knoxville and the river there.  Nice place Knoxville.  However, we then headed South!  Now we were heading toward the North Georgia Mountains, where I had spent time as a child. Asking again and again where we were going, Ms D would only say that it was just a little further away and I would see when I got there.

On we drove, winding beside the Ocoee River and Lake Ocoee.  The Whitewater events from the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta GA were held in an Olympic park that was constructed along the river.  It is near Ducktown TN.  We past that area heading deeper into the Blue Ridge Mountains and North Georgia.  I felt oddly at home with no idea of our destination.

Finally we took a turn off the main highway and started to wind our way up little mountain roads.  We  past several cabins for sale or lease.  Up we climbed, heading closer and closer to the top ridge of one of the mountains.  Ms. D still would not tell me what was happening, only that is was going to like a golf resort where we had stayed many years earlier.  I could not imagine a golf course this high on the mountain side, but who knew what developers had done!

Finally we got turn on a very narrow and steep road, one lane really.  Up we climbed past pretty cabins nestled into the side of the mountain.  Great vistas were visible in brief glimpses between the houses and trees.  Beautiful!

Finally Ms D gave me a house number to look for, but that proved to be a challenge since the cabins did not really have mail boxes.  Some numbers were on small signs along the edge of the road while others had numbers on the front porch or eaves of the house.  We went past the house the first time, turning around in a multiple-point turn to head down the mountain a few homes.

When we got to the house, I remarked that there were already cars there.  Was the owner meeting us?  No, Ms D said, there were other people sharing the house with us.  I groaned to myself quietly since I was concerned who these “people” would be and how all that would work out.  As I parked the car, Ms D suggested we see what was available in the house and then out popped some very familiar people!

On the porch of this very nice mountain home was my family!  All singing Happy Birthday to me!  Laughing and pointing fingers at everyone I was totally surprised.  I had no idea that my sister and brother-in-law were coming in from 7 hours away, as well as my niece, daughter and son-in

Rocking Chair with Blue Flowers

-law and of course, my dearest friend Ms D!   I was so happy to see everyone, the cabin and the mountains of my youth.  What a fabulous birthday present.

Munching and laughing and talking we had a great evening, headed to bed and slept well.  I was sitting on the porch the next morning drinking some of my sister’s famous french press coffee and enjoying the cool breezes and scenery when the door opened to the living room and there were my God Parents!

Now the weekend was complete.  Everyone was there and we had a wonderful weekend.  It was definitely the way to Celebrate My Birthday!  Great family, great food and beautiful location, Lots of Love! Perfect.  Stay well!

You Should See This Scale!

Oh my gosh!  My friend just got a new scale so she can keep up with her weight and you will not believe what it can do.

Now I come from a simpler time since I was born in the early 50’s.  Life was simple.  Scales worked on springs, not batteries.  Back then, a scale was just that, a scale.  You stood on it in the morning after your shower and groaned or smiled.  Simple.  No buttons to push.  No digital read-outs.  No kilograms.  Pounds was all that existed.

Then in came this new scale today.  It came with an Instruction MANUAL!  Really?! You need an instruction manual to use a scale?  And to add insult to injury, the instruction manual was about 10 pages in English!  Oh My!!  Really???!!!! 10 pages of instructions to use a scale?  How complicated is this thing?

Well, when we tried to use it we found that it not only tells you your weight,  it tells you your hydration percentage.  Lower than 45 is too low, higher that 65 is too high.  Who knew.

Then it tells you your BMI, that is your Body Mass Index.  That is the measure of body fat based on height and weight.  Usually an ugly number with unrealistic expectations of what real bodies are like.

As if that wasn‘t enough, this “Scale” also tells you your bone density percentage.  Fortunately you can get all this information in a matter of a few seconds.  Well, after you have pounded on it to turn it one, selected your personal user number and waited for the double “0’s”, you then get to stand on the glass panel and wait for all those numbers to appear on a digital display.

The numbers are plenty large, in weight and font size for easy reading.  However, the little words that tell you the BMI, fat, hydration and bone density are so small it is  hard to know which is what.  Now we get to shop for better glasses or weigh ourselves with binoculars so we can read all the information!  The things we do for health and beauty.

So the next time you need a scale, head for an antique shop and look for one that works on a spring and weighs you a few pounds lighter.  Stay well!


Leo and the Bird

I have a cat named Leo.  He is one of several who have found their way to our home.  None have been purchased.  Must be some mark on the front of the house that tells cats that we are a good family to live with.  I really must find that mark and remove it!


Yesterday was a beautiful day here.  About 80 degrees, light breeze, perfect spring day.  Pollen and all.  Since I get to do the “carpet commute” I was working on the computer while the kitties were on the screened porch enjoying some time napping in the sun.  Getting their Vitamin D!

I was in the midst of composing an email when I heard a commotion on the porch.  Thinking it was just the boys having a dispute over who was napping where, I opened the door to have a chat with them.  Boy, did I get a surprise when I saw Leo charging through the doorway with a bird in his mouth!  A BIRD!!! LIVE BIRD!!!! Oh My!

Leo raced towards the front door, ducking into the dining room.  Somewhere along the way the bird got free and started to fly about.  Of course the other cats thought that was wonderful.  A new play toy for all.  Oh My….

The poor scared, but unharmed bird, flew up to the top of the palladium window in the foyer.  The front door is topped by a large palladium window that is curtained with sheers (faces west) except for the top arch of the window unit.  The bird perched on the thin curtain rod and tried in vain to push through the glass to his freedom.

Now I have 6 cats, watching with great intensity as this poor bird tried to escape.  I am in a panic since I don’t want to the bird to fly to the other side of the house where the great room has upper windows too.  I knew if he got into that room it would be harder for me to set him free.  I began to try to get the cats back on the porch.  They were not as cooperative as one might think.  Boring porch or new play toy that might turn into lunch.  Not hard to see why the porch was not their first choice.

I opened the front door and propped it open with a box since the wind blew it shut each time I opened the porch door to put another cat out.  I was hopping the bird would sense the door was open and fly down and out.  No such luck.  He just keep banging into the glass arch window at the top.

I finally got the rest of the cats on the porch so I could turn all my attention to the poor bird.  He just keep trying in vain to push his way through the glass in the arched window.  I know how he must have felt, frustrated at seeing the outside and not being able to get where he was wanting to go.  Freedom so close and yet so far away.  Lessons to be learned from that little bird’s plight.

Finally, the bird began to fly to the chandelier over the steps to the upstairs.  Trying to keep his focus on the open door below his normal perch, I used a long board to help me keep the chandelier turned so he was always facing the open door.  A few times he flew back up to the top of the window and fluttered about the arch window.

At last, he came back to the chandelier.  Again, keeping him facing the open door, he finally heard the other birds chirpping and felt the breeze blowing through the doorway.  Off he flew, right through the doorway and out to his freedom!  I was thrilled and I am certain that bird was telling tales of his adventure for days.

Trapped in a giants home, attacked by killer cats, miraculously set free by the giant.  Miracle for the bird.  Can be the same of us when we are trapped in the same old ritual of flying into the glass when our true freedom is only a few feet away.  The bird changed his path to escape and we must do the same.  Change our path, our preset ideas so we can find our freedom, our health or true path.  Stay well! Elise

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