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Start 2015 with New Goals

Start 2015 with New Goals for a New Year!  Resolutions are made and quickly broken, forgotten.  Change is never something we embrace easily as humans.  But change can be healthy for us and make us have a better quality of life.  Long life is not good if the last years are spent in hospitals or […]

My Favorite Snack for Summer!

To add some crunch to the fruits, we often had a big bowl of popcorn! Back then, we did not have a microwave to instantly nuke some kernels of corn coated in a variety of chemicals. No, we did things from scratch.

Handling Holiday Stress

Over the years, the memories created during these celebrations are more valuable than any store bought gift. Time is a gift you can give everyone on your list if you plan well and forget the “shoulds and oughts” of life. Enjoy where you are and who you are with at each event, remain in the present and forget about presents!

The Wonders of an Ice Cube Tray

Just think of all the things you can freeze in the ice cube trays! Cut little pieces of strawberries and blueberries in orange juice for use in morning protein shakes or other beverages.

As in my Grand Parent’s Day

Plant in a flower pot or in a small garden, but get involved in your own life. Feed yourself and you will appreciate the work and effort of the local farmers when you purchase you next batch of vegetables for that big pot of vegetable soup!

Easy Open is still an Oxymoron!

Easy Open is an Oxymoron! Will I never learn? Laughter seems to be the best way to deal with the term Easy Open! Laugh when I see the term and head for the drawer with the scissors!

Great Friends and Great Food Make for a Wonderful Weekend

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy visiting Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, Mount Hood, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and Victoria BC.  The list is really longer, but this blog is not that long!  Visiting fun places is always exciting. This time however, I am getting to visit with some really […]

Now that is How to Celebrate a Birthday!

On the porch of this very nice mountain home was my family! All singing Happy Birthday to me! Laughing and pointing fingers at everyone I was totally surprised.

You Should See This Scale!

Then in came this new scale today. It came with an Instruction MANUAL! Really?! You need an instruction manual to use a scale? And to add insult to injury, the instruction manual was about 10 pages in English!

Leo and the Bird

Trapped in the same old ritual of flying into the glass when our true freedom is only a few feet away. The bird changed his path to escape and we must do the same. Change our path, our preset ideas so we can find our freedom, our health or true path.

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