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Surviving a Winter Storm

Surviving a Winter Storm for the past few days has been a testament to all that I have been posting about for several years.  I followed my plan and it has worked.  Just wish all the snow and ice would melt now so driving would be easier!

Mountain Snow

Planning for any severe storm takes a few minutes of thought and action as well.  This time I had to make certain that the kitties were taken care of since I am looking after a few extra kitties and need more food and water.  The little ones come first as do children.  Thinking ahead of time as to what response would be to a power outage helped me see what needed to be done before the storm so that during the storm I would be ready to respsond.

I like hot tea and the occasional cup of coffee.  Warm water is often in my cup in the winter since I find cold water in winter makes me well, cold!  Remember that hydration is important in winter.  So in anticipation of the power being out for an extended period, I took steps to make certain I had warm water for tea.

I boiled my filtered water from my Get Clean Water Pitcher, then poured it into several insulated travel mugs.  I put these insulated mugs into an insulated lunch bag.  Then that bag fit down into an insulated cooler.  The water remained hot for about 18 hours and then as still pleasantly warm after that.  Warm enough to make a cup of green tea!

To maintain heat, I had positioned fire wood near the door in case it was needed.  The open doorways would have been covered with sheets to help retain the heat in the great room.  Yeah, the bathroom would have been a bit cooler, but the pipes are in the wall that back up to the great room so the pipes would have been warm.

Fortunately, I did not loose power!  However, the road were all closed around the city, so the food in the house and the medical supplies were in place to keep us healthy.  At least when it is very cold outside, the warmth of good food tastes even better.

So make a plan for your family in anticipation of your next severe weather event.  Know what you are going to do it the roads are closed, power is out and you need to keep warm, feed your family and pet and keep the house safe.  Trim those over-hanging limbs to keep ice laden branches off roofs and power lines(professionals needed here for the trimming!).  Cover outside spigots so they don’t freeze and break the pipes.  Have emergency light sources such as hand-cranked lights and radios.  Candles can be dangerous and are limited to a few hours of light.  If you use a gas grill for cooking, keep it outside!

Food and Snacks, extra clothing and blankets, water in reusable containers, vitamins and first aid kits are needed too.  Use your common sense, think and stay safe!

Holiday Eating Challenges

Just a quick post about the Challenges of Holiday Eating.  We all end up in January with extra pounds, well most of us anyway!  And I am never happy to see them on my hips and other places.  So this year I am going to follow a few simple rules when it comes to Holiday Eating.  Hope they will help you maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout the holidays!

Give the Gift of Health

1.  I will eat small meals throughout the day, keeping my energy level up and my craving for sweets on impulse down to a minimum.  Small meals will keep my protein and carbohydrate levels in balance, so I can resist those plates of sweet calories that float through the the day tempting me! Of course I will take my Shaklee Supplements!

2.  I will stay hydrated. Drinking half of my weight in ounces of water each day will help me stay hydrated, keeping my body healthy, brain sharp and stomach full feeling.  Often when we reach for something to eat it is because we are de-hydrated and need water.  So hop on the scale and look at your weight.  Take half of that figure and drink that in ounces each day.  So if you weight 150 pounds, you will need to sip on 75 ounces of water throughout the day.  Not tea, not coffee, not sodas, but filtered water!   Don’t try to drink it all at once.  It is to be sipped throughout the day.

3.  I will eat a treat each day, thereby avoiding the possibility of eating a whole cake or platter of cookies because I have not eaten treats for several days.  I will admit that I love, LOVE Chocolate and will be amiss if I don’t try to reign-in the desire to eat a whole platter of brownies at a party!  So eating a treat each day is the way to control the weight!

4.  I will not give up on myself if I make one error and eat too much one time.  But I will not let that be an excuse for eating too much every day.  Prevention is the way to stay healthy and I don’t plan on being ill.  I plan on staying healthy for many, many years to come.

So, what is your plan to make it through the endless food detours that are in our near future?  We have another month or more of food opportunities to sabotage our healthy weight goals and we really need to plan our way through rather than Eat our way through the next month!  Stay Well!  And Happy Holiday Eating!

Fall and Football

Yeah, finally getting some cooler weather here in the South.  I had been concerned that the kids would need some air conditioning for their Halloween costumes!  I could just see the pumpkins drooping in the 90degree heat we have been having in October.  But happily cooler weather seems to have come to stay for a while.

Southern Fall

Fall to me means football.  Of course, living in the South I am surrounded by football fever!  Everywhere you go there is a big college with a big football team.  Fans can be rabid when it comes to their favorite college team.  Rooms are decorated in team colors, with team pictures and fancy artwork on the walls.  Chairs are covered in team colors with pillows sporting team logos.  Children are named for favored coaches!  Really! And of course, weddings are planned around those games.

Small Southern college towns swell to 3 or 4 times their population on football weekends.  Crowds begin to gather mid-week for pregame festivities.  RV’s and tents are set up in special areas of each campus.  Small villages are created as friends and family get together for some fellowship for a few days before the game on Saturday.

Tailgating is an art!  Tents, team logos on shade canopies, very fancy grills, coolers the size of small cars, BBQ recipes passed from generation to generation are just a few of the items found on Saturdays.  Face paint, shakers and “winning” shirts, socks, pants, shoes and more come out of the drawers to be worn once again so the favored team will win.

Then there is the Team Walk in to the stadium.  Home teams often have a certain time that they enter the stadium, with part of the band playing while fans cheer each player.  It is quite emotional as grandfathers hold grandchildren on their shoulders, introducing the children to the family’s love of their team.  The players are surrounded with adoring fans wishing them well and showing appreciation for all the hard work of the team.

So, now the weather has cooled, gather the kids, some favorite foods, throw in the grill and some beverages and head to the nearest college campus.  Have a fun day gathering with friends and family, making new friends and supporting your team.  No matter which team wins, you and the kids will still have a great time!

Saturdays in the South are more than just a few hours in the stadium.  Saturdays are a total experience of food, sounds, friends, family,  Frisbees tossed on campus lawns,  t-shirts and sweatshirts purchased and worn in pride, bragging rights, cool breezes blowing and so much more.  Have fun!

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