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Tips for Immune System Support

If you smoke, are stressed, eat the wrong kinds of foods, drink too many Sodas, don’t get enough sleep and so on, your immune system can be compromised.

Just how Toxic is Your World?

There are many sources of toxins in our busy industrial world. From automobiles to the food we eat, toxins are in our word.

Targeted Solutions to Aging

Good Health is a choice we make each day. Are you making the correct choices to have a healthier life, a longer life, a better quality of life as you age?

How I said Good bye to Colds & Sinus Infections

wWth the addition of NutriFeron and Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex, my sinus woes disappeared. Now they are a faint memory.

The Ultimate Foundation for a Healthier Life

What I like best about Shaklee’s Vitalizer is that it is easy,and I am all for easy and quick. Since all the 80 Bio-optimized vitamins, minerals along with 77x’s more polyphenols ounce per ounce than juice and an amazing amount of anti-oxidants are all delivered in one strip!

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

Recent reports from Doctors and Public Health Experts have said that up to 75% of the heart disease, diabetes, strokes and arthritis, cancer and obesity are preventable! 75% PREVENTABLE. So to prevent a disease we have to take control of and responsibility for our own health. So we can stop be “Sick & Tired”.

Be Good to Yourself! Change Your Habits

Habits are the things that keep us from health, wealth, happiness and long life. Habits can be changed, but we must make a conscience effort to make those changes.

EU Requires Warning Labels for Synthetic Dyes

In Great Britain, synthetic dyes have been banned after research found connection between hyperactivity and attention deficit in children and these dyes.

Pollen–Friend or Foe?

Even though the pollen counts are High, they are not record highs. However, the different pollens are overlaping this year. Usually pollens come at different intervals. But this year we have pine, oak, juniper and birch pollens at the same time.

Allergies…Just Where do they Come From and How Can we Get them to GO BACK?

Peanut Allergies have certainly been in the news lately.  Children are being diagnosed with food allergies in growing numbers, even if the figures vary depending on the source quoted.  But the Why is not always clear.  Why are  food allergies becoming more common?   Many theories have been put forth, including the latest research from the […]

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