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Are you Prepared?

Having medicines, foods, water and shelter options makes all the difference! Tents, tarps, tools, camp stoves, candles, wind-up lights and radios, solar powered options and so much more. The list is yours to make and even more important, yours to fulfill! Stay well and be safe.

Surviving a Winter Storm

So make a plan for your family in anticipation of your next severe weather event. Know what you are going to do

Being Prepared for Fall & Winter Severe Storms

Being prepared for these weather events and earthquakes are necessary for a smooth transnoaaition to living a few days(hopefully a short time) without power and maybe water and natural gas. Your emergency kit needs to be refreshed

More Travel–2010 Winter Olympics are close!

Winter Olympics coming to Vancouver BC in 2010! Be there for all the action. Travel is fun.

Snow in the Deep South!

Wow, we had snow here yesterday and it was wonderful!  Have not had that much snow in years.  The picture is of the mountain across the road from our home.  Big pretty flakes coming down.  Really cold today so am staying healthy by taking my vitamins.   Be well!

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