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My Favorite Snack for Summer!

To add some crunch to the fruits, we often had a big bowl of popcorn! Back then, we did not have a microwave to instantly nuke some kernels of corn coated in a variety of chemicals. No, we did things from scratch.

Traveling and Eating Well: Fuel for the Body

I plan ahead, bringing Snack Bars, Meals-in-a-Bar, Smoothee packets and Pomegranate tea pouches with me. So join me in traveling safely and easily the rest of the year by spending a few minutes planning ahead. Plan your itinerary, your clothing combinations and of course, your food options!

Real Dirt on Clean Water

Everyone knows that water is essential to life. But what’s coming out of your tap or bottle may not really be your healthiest choice. Sure, your water may look clean but is it? Most people think that governmental agencies ensure that our water’s clean. And while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the Clean Water […]

Throw away that Heart Shaped Box!

This year is the year to throw away that Heart Shaped Box and do something Out of the Box!

SPF and Sun Exposure

Apply UVA/UVB protection every day, indoors and out. Statistics prove that most UV exposure occurs when we’re not even thinking about it

Preparing for a Long Drive

whether it is across town or across country, take a few minutes to plan your meals, take some healthy snacks, water bottles with your filtered Get Clean Water and have fun in this beautiful country! Fuel for you is as important as fuel for the car!

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Since Shaklee’s Basic G carries the EPA registration number on its label you can be [Basic G b00525] certain that is has been proven, under scientific conditions to be effective against various bacteria and other pathogens listed on the label. MSRA and Influenza A are just 2 of the pathogens that Basic G is effective against.

Disasters and Storms, Are You Prepared?

Earthquakes and severe weather events are violent acts, they disrupt our lives and often change to course of our lives. We can do ourselves justice by doing a few simple things.

Surviving a Winter Storm

So make a plan for your family in anticipation of your next severe weather event. Know what you are going to do

Holiday Eating Challenges

So this year I am going to follow a few simple rules when it comes to Holiday Eating. Hope they will help you maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout the holidays!

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