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April, 2009:

Swine Flu! What is it and What can I do to Reduce my Family’s Risk

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the Swine Influenza A (H1N1) virus causes a respiratory viral infection that seems to be very contagious to humans.  Fortunately, it is susceptible to the prescription antiviral drugs oseltamivir (brand name Tamiflu) and zanamivir (brand name Relenza).

Swine Influenza A (H1N1) from CDC

Swine Influenza A (H1N1) from CDC

What Symptoms to Look for in Family Members? Fever, sore throat, chills, fatigue, cough, body aches and headaches.   Vomiting and diarrhea may also accompany this flu.

How do humans pass the Flu? Sneezing, coughing and touch are the most common ways.  The swine flu virus can live on surfaces for 2 hours or longer! So cover your nose and mouth should you sneeze or cough.  You may be infected and not know it!

How to reduce your family’s risk of catching the flu: Your family’s Good Health is essential to staying well so get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, keep your nutrition up and drink plenty of fluids such as water or fruit juices.

Washing hands, scrubbing for 15 seconds with soap or non-soap hand wash, then rinse with warm water.  Dry hands well on disposable towels.

Resist touching surfaces such as elevator buttons, door knobs, and phones and other surfaces in public areas.

When greeting friends or business associates don’t shake hands.

Avoid touching your face or eyes or mouth till you can wash again, should you have to touch any surface in a public space,

Since you are contagious about 24 hours before you begin to have symptoms and for at least 7 days or more after the symptoms appear.  This means you can pass the swine flu on to others before you know you are sick as well as during the illness. Stay at home should you begin to feel ill.  Don’t go to work and infect others. Please!

If you must sneeze or cough in public, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, then discard the used tissue in the trash.  Do not reuse tissues.

When to seek medical assistance: Severe vomiting, dehydration, bluish skin color, fast breathing, trouble breathing , confusion, dizziness, fever and rash, sleeping a lot, symptoms that go away only to reappear with even worse fever or cough.

In conclusion, keep your family out of crowds, wash hands often, get plenty of rest and healthy immune boosting supplements and good food.  This will pass and you can watch it go by without having it visit!




Shaklee’s Earth Day Planting of One Millionth Tree

Shaklee Corporation’s CEO Roger Barnett, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr Wangari Maathai from Kenya, planted Shaklee’s One Millionth Tree today at Shaklee Corp. Headquarters in Pleasanton CA. Shaklee’s One Million Trees, One Million Dreams program has planted enough trees to fill Disneyland 18 times, stated Governor Schwarzenegger.  Think of all the people who participated in this program, the lives that have been affected by this program in the past 3 years.   Governor Schwarzenegger had praise for Shaklee Natural Supplements since he has known the value of Shaklee Supplements, vitamins, minerals and protein from his body building days!

Roger Barnett stated that in using Shaklee’s Green Eco Friendly super concentratedget-clean-products-1-5-x3-5-72dpi-copy cleaners, we have saved enough plastic bottles from going to the landfills to go around the earth more 19 times in the past 3 years alone.  Shaklee has been green since it was started in 1956 by Dr. Forrest Shaklee.  Shaklee is about make people and planet healthier.  Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Certified Climate Neutral by totally offsetting its carbon footprint.

“You can flourish and do well by doing good at the same time”, according to Roger Barnett.  He announced a new campaign to provide an economic opportunity for One Million Americans to become Eco-Entrepreneurs with Shaklee.  Shaklee is waiving the entire cost of joining Shaklee for the next 30 days(till mid-May 2009) to help create an income opportunity for One Million People this year, said Barnett.  So you can start a Green Business by sharing green and natural and healthy products with friends and family.  Dr Shaklee once said that Shaklee might be the last opportunity for the little person to build a business without a lot of money.

Dr. Maatha
i has been instrumental planting 30 million trees in her home country of Kenya to deal with the de-forestation of the countryside.  Her plan not only re-plants much needed trees it also employs women in need of jobs!   Dr. Maathai is working with the UN to plant One Billion Trees in the world!  She suggests that each individual plant 10(ten) trees in their lifetime.  So if you have not planted a tree, now is the time to get started.  Dr. Maathai was awarded Shaklee’s First Eco-Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009.

Toxic Chemicals to Remove from Your Home — Part 1

Just how toxic is your home?   What signs do your look for?  Did you know?

1.  150 Chemicals found in the home are associated with allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders.

2.  90% of Toxic hazards are caused by the inhalation of vapors and absorption of hazardous particles.trash-hazard-to-your-health-2-5x-1-5-72dpi

3.  The dramatic increase in Asthma rates among women in the past 10 years are believed to be due to longer exposure times to household chemicals.

4.  The most common exposures for children were ingestion of household products, such as cleaning substances.

5.  Chlorine is the number one cause of child poisoning in the USA.

We are going to explore over the next 4 posts the top 15 chemicals to avoid in your cleaning products and how to replace them.  Here are the first 5 to Clean from your list of Cleaners and why!

  • Naphthalene causes hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver and neurological damage along with cataracts.
  • Kerosene if inhaled:  nausea, headaches, drowsiness and coma.  If ingested: gastrointestinal irritation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
  • Formaldehyde If ingested:  gastrointestinal corrosion.  If inhaled: coughing, wheezing, chest pains.
  • Phenol If inhaled or exposed to skin:  irritation to mucous membranes, skin and eyes.  Can cause convulsions, coma and irregular breathing.
  • Cresol If inhaled or ingested:  blood and liver problems, respiratory tract irritation, irritant to skin.

All these symptoms sound so inviting!   The next posts will covet the remaining 10 chemicals to avoid and how to replace them with environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Stay tuned for the rest of the Toxic Soap Opera!

Green Tip$ for You and the Planet

Now that Spring is here we can open our windows and let the fresh air into our homes. We turn to thoughts and actions of cleaning and refreshing our homes and lives in preparation for a long summer.  The economy is helping us focus our attentions closer to home now, with thoughts of how to now only save our planet but ours budget too. The great thing is we can accomplish both!

Here are a few simple tips for saving money and the environment at the same time while not affecting our quality of life.

  1. One easy thing to do is to unplug your gadgets while not using them. Chargers use pfountain-and-lights-2x2ower even when not being used, so unplug your laptop, iPod, MP3 and cell phone chargers when not in use. Now that doesn’t hurt at all!
  2. Of course we all know to replace our usual light bulbs with compact fluorescents (CPL). According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, CFLs require about 25% of the power that incandescent light bulbs use for the same amount of light. So cut your power bill without cutting your light.
  3. Do you listen to the water run while you are brushing your teeth? It is like a brushing song, the sound of running water! So next time your brush, turn off the water while you brush. Simple and saves your money too.
  4. Put a barrel under one or more of your downspouts to collect rainwater to water your garden. Fresh rainwater is better for plants than chlorine laden water from our public water sources. We have done this for the past few years since the South has had such drought problems.
  5. Open windows to allow fresh air to flow when the weather allows rather than use air conditioning.  Fresh air, wonderful and free!

This is just the beginning of the possibilities. There are so many ways we can be environmentally friendly as well as budget friendly. Good for both the planet and your bank account. Now go out and use your own creativity to reuse, renew and recycle.

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