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May, 2009:

Hurricane Season is Here! Are You Prepared?

Hurricane season is here! Wow, its back. And are you prepared? Just what does “prepared” mean when we talk about hurricanes and other severe weather during the summer and early fall? Can we truly prepare for a disaster? Well, yes we can and it is that preparation that often makes a difference in how we survive the storm and then cope the following days.

Having lived through Hurricanes Charley, Francis, Ivan then Jeanne, two Category 4’s and two Category 3’s, I have experience with bad storms. Taffy, Hawker and I managed to survive 100 mph winds and amazing rain pounding our home during charley-200x200-vis-tCharley, followed in 3 weeks by Francis, then 3 weeks later when Ivan made his double passes over our home, then Jeanne finished the parade! 2004 was a year of learning for me. Cats don’t like storms any more than I.

Over the next few posts we will explore some basic steps to take to be proactive in storm preparedness. Of course, not everyone has contact with hurricanes. However, each area has violent weather to consider: tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes( I know this is not weather!), forest/wild fires, floods, lake effect snows and ice storms. None of these are fun or easy to endure.

It is stressful when a Hurricane approaches. The local news has constant updates and predictions on the path of the storm, strength and such. This goes on for DAYS before the storm hits land. But during this time your stress level goes way up! To reduce the stress, make your plan and get ready for the storm. Taking action gives you options when the storm hits. You are more likely to make good decisions during the event if you have planned ahead of time.

So the first step is taking a good look at yourself and your family. What are your everyday needs? Do you have pets or large animals? Do you need medical equipment daily/weekly such as dialysis? Do you have medications that are taken daily/weekly? Is your home in a flood plain? Is there lawn furniture, hanging flower baskets, fountains or children’s play things outside the home? Do you have a well? Do you have a generator? Are your important papers in one secure place? Where will you go should you have to evacuate at the last minute? Is your car ready for a trip in crowded road conditions and heavy rain? What about extended family or older neighbors without close family?

There is much More to come!  Start your preparations now! Safety is paramount.

Toxic Chemicals to Remove Pt IV– Toxic Soap Opera Finale!

Wow, are those chemicals scary or what?  Now what do we do so we don’t irritate our skin, eyes, lungs and more?  “Green” is the way to go but that too can be problematic if you don’t read the labels!  Reading more labels, just what we all want.   So we know what chemicals to avoid as well as those with “harmful if…”.

But remember, the government does not require manufacturers to list ingredients on household products. Manufacturers are required to have a Material Safety Data Sheet (an MSDS), which lists precautions and known health effects, available on request.  Or you can go to the EPA site to research a specific chemical.

Now, to make things even more confusing, there are no regulations on the words Green, Natural, Environmentally Friendly or Eco-Friendly.  These words have no regulated meanings, so they are useless when it comes to cleaning products according to Jane Hoback, a freelance writer from Denver in a recent article.

I use Shaklee’s Get Clean Products and love the results.  They really work and don’t make me sick, cough or suffocate when I use them.  Get Clean products are biodegradable, which means they break down easily instead of hanging around for hundreds of years. And they don’t contain any of the ingredients we have discussed earlier.  We have seen how those chemicals are harmful to us as well as the planet.

Shaklee’s Get Clean Products are SAFE FOR THE PLANET as well as SAFE FOR YOU  because they are:

Sustainably Sourced Natural Ingredients     – Biodegradable     – No Chlorineget-clean-products-1-5-x3-5-72dpi-copy

– No Phosphates – No Nitrates

– No Borates     – No Animal Testing

And Shaklee’s Get Clean Products outperform the national brands.  When tested in third party laboratories, the Get Clean products  out performed  Bounce, Windex, OxiClean, Method or Seventh Generation Dish Wash Concentrate, as well as Spray n’ Wash.  Your home can be both safe and clean, along with being environmentally friendly!

Toxic Chemicals to Remove From Home Pt III

Toxic Soap Opera Continues, Part III:
We have seen 10 chemicals that are found in common household cleaners that we use each day in our homes.    The effects on humans so far have ranged from skin irritation to DEATH! Now that is a bit much for me.  Here are the Final 5 Chemicals that we are looking at in this series.leucine-100x150
*  Ammonia Strong harsh smell that is irritating to the eyes and respiratory system.  Dangerous when mixed with chlorine.
*  Paradichlorobenezene In small exposures, nausea, vomiting, headaches,  irritation to eyes and respiratory tract.
*  Sodium Hydroxide A strong alkali that can kill living tissues on contact.
*  Butyl Cellosolve May be fatal if swallowed or absorbed through the skin.  Flush eyes and skin with water for 15 minutes.
*  Hydrochloric Acid Corrosive to eyes,  skin and mucous membranes.

These are such comforting affects on humans.  These are not environmentally friendly affects.  We need green products for ourselves as well as the planet.  A green product has to clean as well as non-green product to make normal humans want to make the switch.

Face it, we are lazy and used to having cleaning products do the work for us.  Unfortunately those products often increased our potential for death from cancer by 54% according to a Toronto report.  Next post will have answers to how we can be green and still clean our homes without killing ourselves.  Stay tuned for The Toxic Soap Opera finale!

Toxic Chemicals to Remove from Home Part II

Part II       Toxic Soap Opera Continued:

Household Cleaning Products have chemicals that may clean your kitchen and bathroom, but they also damage your health.  Did you know that according to a 15-year study presented at the Toronto Indoor Air Conference, women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than those who work away from home?  54% Higher!  Yuck.  The study concluded that this was a direct result of the increased exposure to toxic chemicals, many of which are found in common household products.   This is Part II of the list of chemicals we need to rgreen-earth-in-cupped-hands-1-75-x-1-75-72-dpiemove from our homes and the effects on human exposure.  Source: The EPA.

*  Lye(potassium hydrochloride)  Extremely corrosive to body tissues and especially damaging to eyes.

*  Hydrochloric Acid Corrosive to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.  Short term Inhalation may cause eye, nose and respiratory tract irritation and inflammation and pulmonary edemas in humans.

*  Sulfuric Acid A strong acid , corrosive to eyes,  skin and respiratory tract in humans.

*  Petroleum Distillates Aspiration of small amounts into the lungs can cause chemical pneumonia, pulmonary damage and death.

*  Benzene Short term exposure can cause Nervous System disorders,  immune system depression, and anemia in humans.

Death!  Did you see that? Death! They want me to clean my home with something that can cause death if I should happen to aspirate some into my lungs!  No thanks.   I choose green, safe human friendly products that really work from Shaklee!

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