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May 10th, 2009:

Toxic Chemicals to Remove From Home Pt III

Toxic Soap Opera Continues, Part III:
We have seen 10 chemicals that are found in common household cleaners that we use each day in our homes.    The effects on humans so far have ranged from skin irritation to DEATH! Now that is a bit much for me.  Here are the Final 5 Chemicals that we are looking at in this series.leucine-100x150
*  Ammonia Strong harsh smell that is irritating to the eyes and respiratory system.  Dangerous when mixed with chlorine.
*  Paradichlorobenezene In small exposures, nausea, vomiting, headaches,  irritation to eyes and respiratory tract.
*  Sodium Hydroxide A strong alkali that can kill living tissues on contact.
*  Butyl Cellosolve May be fatal if swallowed or absorbed through the skin.  Flush eyes and skin with water for 15 minutes.
*  Hydrochloric Acid Corrosive to eyes,  skin and mucous membranes.

These are such comforting affects on humans.  These are not environmentally friendly affects.  We need green products for ourselves as well as the planet.  A green product has to clean as well as non-green product to make normal humans want to make the switch.

Face it, we are lazy and used to having cleaning products do the work for us.  Unfortunately those products often increased our potential for death from cancer by 54% according to a Toronto report.  Next post will have answers to how we can be green and still clean our homes without killing ourselves.  Stay tuned for The Toxic Soap Opera finale!

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