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July, 2009:

More Travel–2010 Winter Olympics are close!

As you have quessed my now I love to travel and experience new locations with my camera!  One of the most beautiful places I visit is Vancouver BC.  In February 2010, the Winter Olympics will be held in the area around Vancouver.  So make your plans now to do some wonderful traveling using the British Columbia Website.

Here is a shot video on Vancouver so you will understand why I love the city and the surrounding mountains and ocean.

So pack your sunscreen, skis, passport and plenty of anticipation for a great couple of weeks in a beautiful venue. Remember all our previous travel tips.  In Vancouver you will find:  Great food, great scenery, great hotels, and most of all great people. Snow! Everywhere.  Have fun and take great photos for lasting memories!  See you there…

Water and Summer Travel go Hand In Hand

Traveling is great!  I love road trips that lead to interesting places.  My camera and I are always happy when I see new sights with beautiful light.  Lugging my camera  and all the other necessities for travel can tire me out if I am not using the proper products for a healthy summer.

Water if very important for our bodies, according to WebMD. We need to remember that your body is about 60% water, you brain is about 75% water and your blood is about 82%water!  Water is you! That may be so but we tend to dehydrate often.   Sometimes when we think we are hungry and head to the vending machine or cookie jar, we are really thirsty!

The main thing to remember is that we need to stay hydrated each day, even in the winter.  Turns out our body relies on water to help keep our temperature regulated.  So to stay warm in the winter, drink water.  Because of this need for water, one of my favorite items to pack is my BestWater Perfect Pitcher.  Water in different parts of the country contains minerals that are not found in North Best Water Pitcher 100x100Alabama so the new water often tastes “funny” to me.  Using the BestWater Perfect Pitcher as I travel gives me a consistent taste so I drink more of the essential water we need to have to stay healthy.

At a fraction of the cost of bottled water, the BestWater Perfect Pitcher filter uses a unique filtration system that combines granulated activated carbon (derived from coconut shells) and advanced ion exchange beads to trap and hold contaminants.* It reduces aesthetic chlorine and other sources of unpleasant tastes, odors and also reduces particulates such as sediment, rust, and scale which can come from plumbing fixtures. Conveniently fits in your refrigerator door and can be taken on the road.

So pack up the proper snacks along with the BestWater Perfect Pitcher and have a fantastic Summer  adventure!

*Substances reduced by BestWater may not necessarily be in your tap water. BestWater systems are not intended to purify non-drinkable sources of water, water of unknown quality, or water that is microbiologically unsafe.

Snacking & Summer Travel Meals Made a Cinch!

However you travel in the Summer, whether by trains, planes, automobiles, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, bikes, boats and buses, you are going to eat!  I probably left out some forms of transportation, such as camels, but those aren’t going to cross most of our paths as we venture to see the family this summer!  But if you do use a camel or an elephant as transportation, let me know how it works.  Of course some folks like to hike or walk, but not this Southern Belle!

During summer traveling, I plan my food intake carefully.  Since you might have guessed, I do like to eat, so snacking is a challenge.  Snacks can be a good way to keep energy levels up asespotLatteShake 108 x108  72 you travel, especially if you are on a plane and your normal meal schedule is disrupted.   Being attuned to my body’s need for protein and minimal carbohydrates, I keep the Cinch Snack Bars from Shaklee with me along with somlCinchBars 108 x108  72e of the Cinch Shake Packets and a few handfuls of almonds for munching.  These fill me up; give me good vitamins, minerals and lots of good soy protein balanced with some carbs for energy.  Lemon Cranberry Bars are my favorites. Yummy!

Flying is always a challenge for me since meals are often interrupted by the flight schedule. Having had several long “sits” on tarmacs due to weather issues elsewhere,  I now take my snacks with me just in case.  My last flights had me in the air from LA to Atlanta during meal time, with no time for a meal in the Atlanta AilCinchEnergyTea 108 x108  72rport between flights.  So using my Tupperware Quick Shake as a mixing area, the Cinch Shakes mix easy with water and I have an on the go meal.   Along with the Cinch Shakes, I enjoy my Cinch Energy Tea, known as Liquid Oomph!  Easy to add to a serving of water.  A mix of Green, Red and White Teas, in an easy to use “stick”; just open and pour.  Good hot or cold.

So, remember when traveling:  Drink lots of water, keep moving, keep your energy levels up, keep your immune system up and have fun as you travel this summer!

Summer Travel & How to be Healthy

Summer Traveling offers  all sorts of adventures in new sights, new foods, and new treats and then the not so new weight gain.  As we travel, we venture into new areas of the world and find new foods, wonderful fruits, vegetables, local delights that tempt us and rightfully so!  How do we enjoy both and come out healthy at the end of Summer?green-earth-in-cupped-hands-1-75-x-1-75-72-dpi

Traveling affords many occasions for working out. Keep moving, that is the key to the Summer Travel Dilemma.   Think about it:  Hotel corridors, city streets (use your common sense in a new city), and parks, fitness centers, walking trails and jogging in place offer alternative places for walking.   Don’t just sit there!

Sitting for long periods in not good for your circulation and adds to that “fatigued feeling “ we often experience.  Moderate exercise keeps your spirits up along with your weight down. Remember 30 minutes at a minimum for adults and 60 minutes a day for children will keep you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your travels.

Travel by airplane brings new opportunities!  At the airports, with the need for early arrival, there is usually a long wait period between arrival at the airport and the plane departing.  Once I have cleared security, I find my gate, then walk up and down the concourse in that area.   Since I have a rolling travel bag along with a large (really large) purse I use for traveling, I attach the purse to the handle of the rolling bag and off I go!  Never leave a bag sitting unattended at an airport!  Getting in a 30 to 45 minutes of walking, pulling the rolling bag with purse is a good bit of exercise.

Once on the airplane, I make several trips up and down the aisles to get some exercise while in the air.  I also do some stretching while seated.   I remove my shoes, then lift my toes towards the ceiling while my heels are on the floor.  Bringing my knees up toward my chest, while keeping my toes on the floor, is good too.  Rolling my shoulders forward and back, then stretching my arms forward and up also helps.  You can repeat these several times during your flight to add to your circulation.   Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine while flying as caffeine adds to the dryness you already experience on a plane.  NWA, North West Airlines, has several good exercises to follow on their site.

HRH The Prince of Wales’ Rainforests Project

Interesting video from HRH The Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales is talking about saving the rainforests of the world. In his words, there is more C02 released from the cutting of the rainforests than all the transportation in the world(boats, cars, trains, planes, etc!)! This puts a new twist on C02 emissions now, doesn’t it!

Visit The Prince’s Rainforests Project for more information.

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