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October 21st, 2009:

Being Prepared for Fall & Winter Severe Storms

Severe Storms! We have talked about this subject before and will continue to remind ourselves that we need to be ready for the storms and earthquakes that strike each year.  I live in the south, so we have Hurricanes, Tornadoes and the occasional ice storm or snow storm.  Hurricanes start usually in June and continue to be a threat until early December, so it is a long wait for those storms.  Tornadoes are usually associated with Spring, but can happen anytime there is warm moist air hitting cold air.



Winter storms can be severe for those of us in the south who are not normally confronted with ice and snow.  For us, these two can come together or separately. Ice is the worst since we have so many trees that loose limbs on power lines, or worse, the whole tree falls over or breaks from the weight of the ice.  Even emergency vehicles here have problems with ice.  Southern cities on the whole do not have stockpiles of salt to combat the ice buildup on bridges.  Nor do these cities have snow plows!  Power outages are a challenge.

Being prepared for these weather events and earthquakes are necessary for a smooth transnoaaition to living a few days(hopefully a short time) without power and maybe water and natural gas.  Your emergency kit needs to be refreshed now to include:  warm clothing for the cold weather storms;  fresh water supplies;  fresh prescription medications;  update your first aid kit with new ointments and creams for minor injuries;  replace batteries in flashlights and emergency radios;  add any new paper work to your water-tight safe and throw in some extra books for reading during the long days.  Cheek the NOAA site for more information.

One good thing that is currently being tested is from Victor Petrenko of Dartmouth

Mountain Snow

Mountain Snow By Elise Hearn 2009

College.  He has discovered a way to use the electricity flowing in the power lines to generate enough heat to de-ice the power lines!  So if his idea catches on, then your local power company will be able to avoid damage from ice!  Check out this article on the  Popular Science website!

Now that fall is really here, get ready for those storms that are coming.  They are like the holidays, they come faster than you can imagine and preparation is the key to making the key to making it through the storm.  Stay Well!

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