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December 2nd, 2009:

Tips on Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Holidays are here and so is the stress that all those extra activities bring.  We have presents to purchase, wrap and deliver, cookies to bake, parties to attend and hold ourselves, charity events to support and more.  All that on top of what we normally do! No wonder the holidays add stress to our lives.

Staying healthy during the holidays is more important now than ever before!  We can’t afford to be sick and loose time from work and all the fun holiday parties.  So what are we to do to stay healthy during the holidays as well as the rest of the year?

Vivix Kosher Cellular Ant-Aging Tonic

Vivix Kosher Cellular Ant-Aging Tonic

Information is a key ingredient to good health.  Keeping up with current clinical research and recommendations will help us make good choices throughout the year.  When we know about the current research on Resveratrol as an example, we are more likely to take our supplements and appreciate what Vivix is doing for us in the long run.  The extra boost to the mitochondria in our cells for more energy from the resveratrol makes the longer days easier to handle!

When we take the responsibility for our own health each day, we are being proactive not reactive.  Taking my Alfalfa Complex each day keeps my sinus problems at bay, rather than waiting for a sinus infection and then going to the doctor for a prescription of antibiotics and decongestants.  For overstressed and overworked days, try Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex and Cor-Energy.  These give you the ability to think clearly while having the energy to tackle the holidays in stride, naturally!

And as a last tip, keep an eye on your weight!  During the holidays we often find many treats tempting us to not eat correctly.  A common problem for me anyway!  Adding extra pounds slows me down and makes me feel tired and  even more stressed!  Knowing that I have a luncheon or dinner to attend,  I use my Cinch Protein Shakes

Cafe Late Cinch Shake

Cafe Late Cinch Shake

for the other meals in the day.  I keep my protein levels up which help me resist impulse nibbling of empty calories.  Before leaving home, I often have a small shake of Shaklee Instant Protein since this puts good protein in my stomach.  I am not starving when I reach the event, so I can pick and choose from the best treats of the event.

So it is my wish that you and your family enjoy the holidays this year!  Enjoy each moment and don’t fall into the traps of overeating, staying up late only to get up early, spending too much money and spreading yourself too thin.  Relax and appreciate each day since you control what you do and when you do it!

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