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January, 2010:

Go to a Disney Park by Thinking Outside the Heart Shaped Box!

Valentine’s Day is almost here!  Traditionally we give our loved ones presents of candy and flowers.  All well and good for some, but for most of us not so good.  We are still carrying around several pounds from the long holidays and the last thing we need is more candy!  You can still have wonderful gifts, but you will have to Think Outside the Heart Shaped Box!  Here are a few tips to get you started on your quest:

Give A Day Get A Disney Day

1.  Arrange for both of you to Volunteer with a local charity like Habitat for Humanity and many others in your area.  During this year, The Walt Disney Corporation is giving One Day One Park tickets to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland to people who volunteer for a variety of Charities.  The program is called Give A Day Get A Disney Day .  So be a hero to those in need and enjoy a day in one of the many Disney Parks with the one you love!  Check out the Disney site  to sign up and have fun!

2.  If this is not your year for a Disney Park there are still options for gifts.  Look for upcoming concerts and plays.  Find one that would delight your special person and arrange a special dinner followed by the performance.  Quality time with your sweetheart!

3.  Gardens are important for the health of our planet as well as for us.  Take a look at your yard and plan a new area for a vegetable garden or plant a new tree to provide shade for your home in the future.

4.  Plan a day exploring local Farmers Markets and local Farms so you can find locally grown organic foods for meals each day.  LocalHarvest.org can help you locate farms and farmers markets near you.  Time well spent.  Buy Foods that love you back.  After you have purchased those wonderful fruits and vegetables, prepare a special meal for family and friends.  Enjoy!

Now you have a few ideas of different ways you can say “I Love You!” without having to resort to the cliched box.  Have fun, be creative and enjoy the blessings we have!  Stay Well.  Elise

Leucine Equals Lean Muscle Mass

Ok, how is it going?  The weight loss/management I mean.  Is it working for you?  Are you shedding that fat while keeping your muscle mass?  You do know that muscle= metabolism, don’t  you?  So why are you using a weight loss system that lets you loose muscle?  Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, but muscles help you burn off calories!  So hang onto your muscles!

Now you ask, how do I keep my muscle mass while loosing weight?  Fat isn’t good and muscles are great!  To keep those muscles healthy, maintaining lean body mass while loosing fat, you need to keep your intake of an essential amino acid called Leucine.

lCinchEnergyTea 108 x108  72

Cinch Tea = Liquid Oomph!

From Shaklee’s Cinch Program information, “What’ s leucine? It’s an essential amino acid and a member of the branched chained amino acid family that also includes isoleucine, and valine. The body uses amino acids to make proteins. However recent scientific research indicates that leucine may play a special role in weight loss. That’s because once absorbed from the protein foods you eat, leucine travels directly to muscle tissue where it acts as a signal for protein synthesis. This increase in protein synthesis serves to offset the increase in protein breakdown that naturally occurs as a result of calorie restriction or dieting.”

So you can keep muscle, loose fat and loose inches!  Give it a try!  Loose those pounds, break the diet cycle, be healthier and find support with Cinch! The plan is working for me!

2010 Weight Management Tips

It’s a New Year, with New Pounds hanging on, again! Been there before, and are back again. So what can we do differently in 2010 and beyond to break this cycle of weight gain? Don’t despair, there are simple changes that can be made to help you loose weight and keep it off. As in anything, you are in control of what you eat and the quantities. So know that you are also in control of your future.

One of the easiest things to do to help with weight management or loss, is to Eat Breakfast! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Eating Breakfast gives you the fuel you need for the rest of the day. Overnight, your body is using your dinner fuel to refresh your body. While you are sleeping, your body is using that fuel to renew your body. After a long sleep, you need fuel. However, some folks think that skipping breakfast will help them loose a few pounds. Research shows that the calories that might be skipped at breakfast are more than made up by larger meals and snacks in the rest of the day. Also, studies have shown that brain function, mood and general energy are better when breakfast is eaten. So do yourself a favor and eat a good breakfast with a balance of carbs, protein and fiber. Protein is essential for the repair,

Cafe Late Cinch Shake

Cafe Late Cinch Shake

growth and maintenance of body tissues as well as keeping your energy up during the day.

Another tip for keeping those pounds off is to eliminate a few calories each day. Research has shown that our meals are increasing in size over the decades so that now we are eating more calories than we did in the 1970’s. That is resulting in about 30% of the population of the US being Obese! So, cut our a few calories each day. Skip a cookie or two, eat a smaller piece of cake, eat desert at one meal, not two. Drink water instead of sweeten beverages such as soda, teas, alcoholic beverages. Now that is not so hard! Cutting 100 calories from your daily intake can help you loose about 10 pounds in a year. Reward!

The Third tip of weight loss and management is to move around. Getting a few more steps in each day is easy if you park a little further from the door of the office or store. Walk around the block with the kids or the dog, or your favorite songs. Take the steps instead of the elevator or escalator. The idea is to add movement!


Stay Well!

More to come soon! Get started now with these small changes. Keep a daily record of your food intake and movement so you can see how these small changes can made a difference! Stay Well.

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