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January 20th, 2010:

Leucine Equals Lean Muscle Mass

Ok, how is it going?  The weight loss/management I mean.  Is it working for you?  Are you shedding that fat while keeping your muscle mass?  You do know that muscle= metabolism, don’t  you?  So why are you using a weight loss system that lets you loose muscle?  Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, but muscles help you burn off calories!  So hang onto your muscles!

Now you ask, how do I keep my muscle mass while loosing weight?  Fat isn’t good and muscles are great!  To keep those muscles healthy, maintaining lean body mass while loosing fat, you need to keep your intake of an essential amino acid called Leucine.

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Cinch Tea = Liquid Oomph!

From Shaklee’s Cinch Program information, “What’ s leucine? It’s an essential amino acid and a member of the branched chained amino acid family that also includes isoleucine, and valine. The body uses amino acids to make proteins. However recent scientific research indicates that leucine may play a special role in weight loss. That’s because once absorbed from the protein foods you eat, leucine travels directly to muscle tissue where it acts as a signal for protein synthesis. This increase in protein synthesis serves to offset the increase in protein breakdown that naturally occurs as a result of calorie restriction or dieting.”

So you can keep muscle, loose fat and loose inches!  Give it a try!  Loose those pounds, break the diet cycle, be healthier and find support with Cinch! The plan is working for me!

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