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April, 2010:

An Alzheimers Journey

I have not done any testimonies on this blog, but I had to share this with everyone who will listen, read and learn.  I know the daughter-in-law of Elsie, so I have heard Elsie’s story first hand.  When the family decided to share their story, I had to pass it on!  This gives such hope to those of us with aging parents, grandparents and ourselves!  As you read this, think of those in your life that are in a similar position.

Elsie’s Journey From Alzheimers
Our Mom[Elsie] had become bed-ridden, wore diapers and seldom recognized family or friends.  We bathed, dressed and fed her.  She was diagnosed the beginning of the worst stage of Alzheimers.
Mom was prescribed Aricept and slept for 7 months.  Next they prescribed Exelon, another 3 months of sleeping.  Were Alzeimers drugs meant to keep patients sedated?  Then came Nameda, Mom became violently ill, lay in bed in pain and lost 30 pounds in less than 30 days.
We decided to stop all medications and get her on a Shaklee Supplement program to give her body the benefits of health.  She took VitaLea Gold, Memory Optimizer, HerbLax, Energizing Soy Protein and Optiflora.  Within a few weeks she started getting up on her own and showing improvements.  Then Shaklee introduced a new product, Vivix[Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic, a resveratrol based supplement].
Within a few weeks of adding Vivix Mom began recognizing family members, she remembers all her children again.  She can brush her teeth, wash and dress herself, and no longer wears diapers.  She does the dishes and sweeps the patio. When we shop she has conversations with other people.  She plays with her great grandchildren, many songs and rhymes she didn’t remember before she now sings and recites to them.  Her long term memory has returned, though not perfect, and has selective short term memory.  Today Mom is stage 1-2 Alzheimers.
A few times when we forgot to give her the supplement or when the Vivix wasn’t available she became listless and confused.  Not only is that stressful for Mom, but it makes it difficult for us as caregivers.  We now see to it that we ample supply and it always travels with us.
Thankfully, Judy, Sandy and Bill K”

Now that should lift your spirits! The function of high quality Natural Nutrition cannot be underplayed in our quest for better health.  Prevention is the way to approach aging and with vigilance we can have a healthy aging process.  Stay Well! Elise

Coping with Stress

Stress is one of those words that keeps making headlines.  We are all faced with stress each day. Dealing with the kids, the pets, what to wear, driving to work, catching a plane, or making pans for any kind of social gathering, and even watching the news causes stress.  Stress is the little gift that keeps on giving!

According to WebDM, your body responds to stress as if you were in danger.  The flight or fight response that is left over from our origins kicks in with lots of hormones that increase our heart rate, our breathing increases and we have a burst of energy.  Normally we would either stay and fight the cause of this stress or we would run, hence the flight part.  This can be good if we are coming to a deadline, or finishing a race or an important task.

We are designed to handle stress, but with breaks in between instances.  However, if this stress lingers, is not resolved, our bodies are still in the fight or flight mode and those hormones keep on coming.  Cortisol is released in our bodies to repair the damage caused by the stress.  Ongoing release of cortisol ends in this cortisol being stored in fat tissue around our middle section, otherwise known as belly fat.
Belly fat is not easy to get rid of.  Exercise does not really remove it all, so the natural solution is to prevent it from building.  Exercise helps, but not having ongoing stress helps more.  Our reaction to stress is important.  We need to work out every day. We need to laugh each day and do something fun not just repetition! Do what you enjoy in your work out. Walking, dancing, running, boxing, Wii fit and gyms are all options for reducing stress.  Change your routine every few days.

In addition to exercise, play and laughter, we need to maintain proper nutrition levels.  Eat well, not junk food.  Eat in moderation, not junk food! Use your natural supplements so you body has the fuel it requires to recover from the bangs and bumps of exercise.  All this will help you get the rest your need.

Our need of good sleep is a major way of recovering from daily stress.  Exercise combined with good nutrition will aid our sleep so we are truly rested and our bodies are repaired, ready to face a new day and less stress!
Smile, laugh, have fun, sleep.  A good plan to stay well!

Pollen–Friend or Foe?

Yes, I know.  Your car is now greeny-yellow, your nose is running, your eyes are watering, your head is aching, and so forth.  After a cold winter, we are having a pollen filled Spring.  Very Pollen Filled!

Even though the pollen counts are High, they are  not  record highs.  However, the different pollens are overlaping this year. Usually pollens come at different intervals.  But this year we have pine, oak, juniper and birch pollens at the same time.

Tree pollens should be gone in a few weeks, but then new pollens will enter the picture!  Grass and then weeds will start adding their pollens to the already sneezing noses.  Oh my, here we go again.

Some pollens, like Pine pollen, is in the air and all over the cars, porches, patios and such.  But the pine pollen is too big to float around and get into our noses.  Pine pollen tends to fall straight to the ground or onto cars.

But Pollen makes it possible for us to have honey, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  Pollen is a good thing since eating and having trees for shade is very important!

So stay inside when possible especially during the middle of the day, use air conditioners with clean filters to minimize exposure and be happy for the rain that cleans the air.  Stay Well.

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