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August 22nd, 2010:

Supplements to Avoid

In the September 2010 issue of Consumer Report there is a list of the “dirty dozen” in supplements to avoid. This list has been found to have lots of negative effects, serious negative effects in clinical research. These negative effects include kidney damage, liver damage, cancer, coma and even death! DEATH! Now that is a truly negative effect.

This list of the dirty dozen includes kava which the FDA warned against its use as early as 1993, but did nothing to stop the sale of products with kava.  To see the full list, go to the Consumer Report pressroom.

Now that the list is out, we who use Shaklee products are confident in the Shaklee supplements’ safety and purity.  That is one of the founding principles of Shaklee Corporation.  In a letter from Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFP, Chairman, Medical Affairs and Health Services, she states: “It came as no surprise to Shaklee that there are not any ingredients on this list that are in our products. In fact, these ingredients are not and have never been used in any Shaklee dietary supplement. In addition to researching the ingredients that we use in our Shaklee formulas for their efficacy, we take equal care in determining the safety of each and every ingredient used in our Shaklee products.  Over the years we’ve evaluated many of the ingredients on the CU list and have rejected them for the same safety reasons CU now uses to identify them on their “hit” list.”

Dr.  McManus continues in the letter to say that Shaklee’s “Always Safe” slogan is more than just a catchphrase.  “Safety is paramount at Shaklee and our safety standards are unsurpassed in our industry. We conduct hundreds of tests on new ingredients and tens of thousands of quality tests annually to ensure product safety and efficacy.  But more importantly, we design safety into each and every one of our products so you can be confident that dangerous ingredients will never find their way into any Shaklee dietary supplement.

This basis is the reason many of the athletes who use Shaklee supplements are so comfortable and confident:  they are not surprised with unwanted results from the drug tests that are now part of the sports world.  So the next time you want a safe, natural, supplement that works, is safe and green, think Shaklee!  I do each day and feel better for it.  Stay Well, Elise

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