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October, 2010:

Travel and Fall

Well, Fall and Football are underway.  Lots of us are tailgating each weekend as our favorite team plays in different opponents.  The love of gathering with friends and family on a crisp Saturday on a college campus.  But going to these gatherings means travel and travel is always a challenge.

When I travel I prepare ahead of time for the trip.  Not only do I check on the car’s readiness, I make certain that I have food and snacks for me.  Just as my car needs quality oil and gas to run properly, my body needs good food to run properly too.

Fast Food is not good food.  Yes, it tastes good sometimes, but the nutritional value of that good taste is usually not worth the calories and carbohydrates.  So I carry apples, bananas, nuts, Cinch Lemon Cranberry Snack Bars, Cinch Shakes, Cinch Tea and the Get Clean Water Pitcher for filtered water.

Cinch Snack Bars

Having these foods with me, I have great food for travel since the protein to carb ratio is great!  I get the energy I need and the protein I need, but do not have empty calories to slow me down.  Staying focused, sharp and alert  is necessary for a safe trip.  So travel safe and smart!

Fall and Football

Yeah, finally getting some cooler weather here in the South.  I had been concerned that the kids would need some air conditioning for their Halloween costumes!  I could just see the pumpkins drooping in the 90degree heat we have been having in October.  But happily cooler weather seems to have come to stay for a while.

Southern Fall

Fall to me means football.  Of course, living in the South I am surrounded by football fever!  Everywhere you go there is a big college with a big football team.  Fans can be rabid when it comes to their favorite college team.  Rooms are decorated in team colors, with team pictures and fancy artwork on the walls.  Chairs are covered in team colors with pillows sporting team logos.  Children are named for favored coaches!  Really! And of course, weddings are planned around those games.

Small Southern college towns swell to 3 or 4 times their population on football weekends.  Crowds begin to gather mid-week for pregame festivities.  RV’s and tents are set up in special areas of each campus.  Small villages are created as friends and family get together for some fellowship for a few days before the game on Saturday.

Tailgating is an art!  Tents, team logos on shade canopies, very fancy grills, coolers the size of small cars, BBQ recipes passed from generation to generation are just a few of the items found on Saturdays.  Face paint, shakers and “winning” shirts, socks, pants, shoes and more come out of the drawers to be worn once again so the favored team will win.

Then there is the Team Walk in to the stadium.  Home teams often have a certain time that they enter the stadium, with part of the band playing while fans cheer each player.  It is quite emotional as grandfathers hold grandchildren on their shoulders, introducing the children to the family’s love of their team.  The players are surrounded with adoring fans wishing them well and showing appreciation for all the hard work of the team.

So, now the weather has cooled, gather the kids, some favorite foods, throw in the grill and some beverages and head to the nearest college campus.  Have a fun day gathering with friends and family, making new friends and supporting your team.  No matter which team wins, you and the kids will still have a great time!

Saturdays in the South are more than just a few hours in the stadium.  Saturdays are a total experience of food, sounds, friends, family,  Frisbees tossed on campus lawns,  t-shirts and sweatshirts purchased and worn in pride, bragging rights, cool breezes blowing and so much more.  Have fun!

Simple Changes Make a Big Difference

Life today is a risky business when it comes to drinking water and food.  As a person who believes in and takes natural supplements, I am always amused when people tell me that they will not take anything that their doctor has not prescribed.  Little do they know about all the chemicals (most untested for human toxicity) and drugs that lurk in our food, water and air.  We are “taking” things not prescribed by doctors all the time just by drinking water and eating our food and don’t even think a thing about it.

There have been dramatic changes in the our food supply as well as our eating habits that are causing equally dramatic changes in our health.  While we are using more pesticides and herbicides along with genetic manipulation of crops, the nutritional of our food has decreased since the 1950’s. Crops are picked before they are ripe, lowering the nutritional potential of the fruits and vegetables.

Our drinking water is the source a myriad of chemicals including prescription drugs, industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff  and fertilizers.   Now 20% of the lead exposure we get on a daily basis, including bottled water.   Using filtered water is sensible and a healthier way to get the much needed hydration we need daily.

Get Clean Water

Get Clean Water

So think carefully the next time you turn your nose up at the idea of taking a natural supplement, remember all the chemicals you are “taking” because of poor quality drinking water  and our food sources.  Do something good for yourself.  Make some simple changes in your food, water and supplementation to have a healthier life.

Use  filtered water such as from Get Clean Water from Shaklee since it filters 99% of the lead from water along with many agricultural and industrial pollutants.  Purchase organic foods from local growers.  Talk with the grower if possible to establish how they grow their crops, what pest control methods they choose and how they handle the food once it is picked.  Avoid processed and fast foods because of preservatives, fat content and sodium levels.

Increase your exercise each day, walk or jog in your neighborhood, use the Wii Fit program at home, go to a gym or local fitness center or take classes in dance.  Eat well and use good natural supplements.  I always recommend Shaklee supplements since they are known for being safe and contaminate free.   In my “Supplements to Avoid” post on August 22nd, I sited Dr Jamie McManus explaining why Shaklee supplements are safe.

Simple Changes Make a Big Difference every day of your life.  When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change!  Eat good healthy food, exercise daily, drink filtered drinking water, and supplement wisely! Stay Healthy!! Elise

Prevention and Preparedness

I love to travel!  Road trips are fun to me. However, I must be ready for travel.   Before I travel I have my car checked out by my trusted mechanic.  Tires are rotated and checked, oil is changes, belts are checked for wear, fluid levels are checked, windows are washed and mirrors adjusted.  I check on road conditions for repair work and possible closures.  I also check the weather to avoid driving into a snow storm or heavy rain if possible.

When I travel I take with me maps for the trip, flashlights and extra batteries, food, water, cell phones, chargers, phone numbers written on paper,  a small amount of cash just in case I want a candy bar as a treat along the way and a blanket in case I get cold.  I check the local radio stations at the top and bottom of the hours for traffic and weather updates.

As you can see there are 2 separate but equally important parts of my trip. Prevention and Preparedness.  The Prevention is having the car checked out, belts tightened, oil changed and such.  The Preparation is having a map, a plan for the drive, having food, water and supplies for the trip and such.

While Prevention and Preparedness are different, they work together to make for a safer trip and an easier life.  Knowing the weather ahead of time I can arrange my travel time to miss most of the storm.  Knowing the roads I need to take, having the map with me, I am able to find alternate routes during the trip should there be an accident blocking the highway I am traveling.

Being flexible is important.  Road conditions change, unexpected repairs pop up, weather patterns shift, accidents happen.  But by being ready for those unexpected changes make for a smoother trip.  Having taken responsibility for knowing the route, having the car in good condition for travel and leaving early in case of a surprise on the road create an atmosphere of confidence and calm.  There is no Panic should something change along the route.

Now can you say the same for the way you approach your health? Remember, your

Be Healthy

health is the most valuable possession you have.  How much Prevention do you practice concerning your health?  How Prepared  are you for the aging process that begins to happen around age 20 or so?

Doctors and public health experts agree…..Heart Disease and Stroke, Cancer, and Diabetes—are among the most prevalent, costly, and preventable of all health problems. It is estimated tbat these diseases are 75% Preventable!

Primary Prevention: Diet, lifestyle, wise supplementation and weight loss can help prevent the development of diseases.  Secondary Prevention or Preparedness:  Diet, lifestyle, wise supplementation and weight loss can help slow the progression of and/or decrease the consequences of diseases that already exist.

So check out your Prevention and Preparedness!  Don’t get caught in going the wrong way on a one-way street!  It has been said, ” In Youth we lose our Health in pursuit of Wealth, but in Age we lose our Wealth in pursuit of Health.”  We no longer need to follow that plan!

Diet, lifestyle, supplementation and weight loss can help
slow the progression of and/or decrease the consequences
of diseases that already exist

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