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January, 2011:

Surviving a Winter Storm

Surviving a Winter Storm for the past few days has been a testament to all that I have been posting about for several years.  I followed my plan and it has worked.  Just wish all the snow and ice would melt now so driving would be easier!

Mountain Snow

Planning for any severe storm takes a few minutes of thought and action as well.  This time I had to make certain that the kitties were taken care of since I am looking after a few extra kitties and need more food and water.  The little ones come first as do children.  Thinking ahead of time as to what response would be to a power outage helped me see what needed to be done before the storm so that during the storm I would be ready to respsond.

I like hot tea and the occasional cup of coffee.  Warm water is often in my cup in the winter since I find cold water in winter makes me well, cold!  Remember that hydration is important in winter.  So in anticipation of the power being out for an extended period, I took steps to make certain I had warm water for tea.

I boiled my filtered water from my Get Clean Water Pitcher, then poured it into several insulated travel mugs.  I put these insulated mugs into an insulated lunch bag.  Then that bag fit down into an insulated cooler.  The water remained hot for about 18 hours and then as still pleasantly warm after that.  Warm enough to make a cup of green tea!

To maintain heat, I had positioned fire wood near the door in case it was needed.  The open doorways would have been covered with sheets to help retain the heat in the great room.  Yeah, the bathroom would have been a bit cooler, but the pipes are in the wall that back up to the great room so the pipes would have been warm.

Fortunately, I did not loose power!  However, the road were all closed around the city, so the food in the house and the medical supplies were in place to keep us healthy.  At least when it is very cold outside, the warmth of good food tastes even better.

So make a plan for your family in anticipation of your next severe weather event.  Know what you are going to do it the roads are closed, power is out and you need to keep warm, feed your family and pet and keep the house safe.  Trim those over-hanging limbs to keep ice laden branches off roofs and power lines(professionals needed here for the trimming!).  Cover outside spigots so they don’t freeze and break the pipes.  Have emergency light sources such as hand-cranked lights and radios.  Candles can be dangerous and are limited to a few hours of light.  If you use a gas grill for cooking, keep it outside!

Food and Snacks, extra clothing and blankets, water in reusable containers, vitamins and first aid kits are needed too.  Use your common sense, think and stay safe!

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