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Now that is How to Celebrate a Birthday!

This past Friday I was planning to have a quiet weekend with a good friend of mine, Ms. D, and quietly celebrate my birthday.  Watch a little TV, work on a few things on the computer, sleep late and have a good cup of coffee.  Nothing fancy,  just quiet and casual.  Friday was lunch with 2 friends and then on to the quiet weekend.  Well, that is not quite how it went down!

When I got to Ms. D’s home late morning, I unloaded my clothes for the weekend, my laptop and my overnight bag with my Shaklee supplements (yes, I take them with me everywhere!) and was ready to head to lunch with everyone.  I checked some email and did a few things on the computer while waiting for the departure time.  Little did I realize that while I was in the bathroom, my friend was loading my clothes, overnight bag and everything else in the back of her car!

When we got ready to go, she asked to take along my laptop but was vague with the reason why.  Oh well, we have been friends for decades and when she asks a favor I comply without much resistance.  So I got the laptop ready and then I realized that the rest of my stuff was in her trunk along with her stuff.

Being curious, I asked her what was up and she said it was just a little adventure for my birthday.  I asked more questions and go nothing! Nothing.  Just lunch without our other friend who had had a last minute meeting with her boss.  As Ms. D drove up the interstate, I was trying to guess where we were going.  Always finding good deals online, I thought she had come across a bargin in a nice hotel or resort and we would have a nice night, go to a movie or something and head home on Saturday.

I even called my daughter and son-in-law to let them know that I was being  “kidnapped” by Ms. D and would not be in town if they tried to get in touch with me at her home.  My son-in-law answered and said he would let my daughter know that I was not in town.  Little did I know at that time that they were in on the “kidnapping”!

We went north, and got to Chattanooga, but did not stop where I had guessed we might.  Heading east, I thought about Knoxville and the river there.  Nice place Knoxville.  However, we then headed South!  Now we were heading toward the North Georgia Mountains, where I had spent time as a child. Asking again and again where we were going, Ms D would only say that it was just a little further away and I would see when I got there.

On we drove, winding beside the Ocoee River and Lake Ocoee.  The Whitewater events from the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta GA were held in an Olympic park that was constructed along the river.  It is near Ducktown TN.  We past that area heading deeper into the Blue Ridge Mountains and North Georgia.  I felt oddly at home with no idea of our destination.

Finally we took a turn off the main highway and started to wind our way up little mountain roads.  We  past several cabins for sale or lease.  Up we climbed, heading closer and closer to the top ridge of one of the mountains.  Ms. D still would not tell me what was happening, only that is was going to like a golf resort where we had stayed many years earlier.  I could not imagine a golf course this high on the mountain side, but who knew what developers had done!

Finally we got turn on a very narrow and steep road, one lane really.  Up we climbed past pretty cabins nestled into the side of the mountain.  Great vistas were visible in brief glimpses between the houses and trees.  Beautiful!

Finally Ms D gave me a house number to look for, but that proved to be a challenge since the cabins did not really have mail boxes.  Some numbers were on small signs along the edge of the road while others had numbers on the front porch or eaves of the house.  We went past the house the first time, turning around in a multiple-point turn to head down the mountain a few homes.

When we got to the house, I remarked that there were already cars there.  Was the owner meeting us?  No, Ms D said, there were other people sharing the house with us.  I groaned to myself quietly since I was concerned who these “people” would be and how all that would work out.  As I parked the car, Ms D suggested we see what was available in the house and then out popped some very familiar people!

On the porch of this very nice mountain home was my family!  All singing Happy Birthday to me!  Laughing and pointing fingers at everyone I was totally surprised.  I had no idea that my sister and brother-in-law were coming in from 7 hours away, as well as my niece, daughter and son-in

Rocking Chair with Blue Flowers

-law and of course, my dearest friend Ms D!   I was so happy to see everyone, the cabin and the mountains of my youth.  What a fabulous birthday present.

Munching and laughing and talking we had a great evening, headed to bed and slept well.  I was sitting on the porch the next morning drinking some of my sister’s famous french press coffee and enjoying the cool breezes and scenery when the door opened to the living room and there were my God Parents!

Now the weekend was complete.  Everyone was there and we had a wonderful weekend.  It was definitely the way to Celebrate My Birthday!  Great family, great food and beautiful location, Lots of Love! Perfect.  Stay well!


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