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Just how “Fresh” are Air Fresheners?

Fern Tree Close-Up

Fern Tree Close-Up

Fresh is one of those terms that brings to mind, for me anyway, the smell of sheets and towels just brought in from drying on the clothes line in the back yard on a crisp day.  Now that was clean, fresh.  The towels were a bit rough and the sheets were nowhere close to silky soft, but the aroma was fresh.

Having grown up in the south where we can keep the doors and windows open,  fresh air to me has no scent per se.  The air had the scent of pine at times,  fresh dirt if the garden was being worked,  and the scent of rain when a storm was approaching.  But we did not fill our home with artificial scents that mimic “Mediterranean breezes”, whatever that means.

Today we are bombarded with ads for odor control options.  We see ads with folks sniffing the carpets and sneakers that smell “fresh” because of an air freshener being used in that home.  Scents come in different delivery systems, some are automated, so you spray, some are more passive and are released as air moves over them.

Fresh air is a big business, approaching $1.7 Billion according to some researchers.   However, studies from the University of Bristol show that scented air is not the only effect.  Some children have more diarrhea, 32% more, when air fresheners were used daily.  Adults suffer from more headaches, 10% more .  And among the most disturbing are the statistics showing women who work at home with air fresheners used daily have a 26% increased risk of depression.

So, be careful when utilizing these products.  Consider natural alternatives such a baking soda,  indoor plants, green tea, and old fashioned cleaning!  Open windows and doors when appropriate.  Let the sunshine in!   Empty the garbage frequently and clean the area with natural, green cleaners.  If you just have to have a scent in your home, bake cookies or use a simmer pot with cloves, cinnamon,  ginger, lemons and such for a natural alternative that won’t give you headaches or depression!

Stay Healthy!

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  1. John Watkins says:

    Great advice on ‘cleaning up’ your indoor air. We also use an ‘Air Source’ air purifier by Shaklee.

    Love your blog, keep up the good work!

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