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Laughter is a Good Medicine!

As I sit here typing this post, I can hear the laughter of the kids as they watch something funny on TV.  They laugh among themselves after the TV joke is long past since they have a sense of what is funny.  As they laugh, I smile even though I don’t know the current joke, but just the hearing of their laughter june_glassesmakes me smile!  Infectious stuff this laughter.

Would not it be wonderful if all good things could be passed on as easily as a laugh?  Just think of all the delight that could be brought to the world if joy were spread so easily.  Your health is affected in many ways by laughter.  I think the main reason I like to laugh is that when I am laughing I cannot think of those irritating things that have happened during the day.  To laugh, you have to be in the moment, in the present, nowhere else!

So find something each day and according to WebMD, laugh, laugh several times in fact!  Keep that immune system charged, work on getting more oxygen to your body, relieve some of those aches and pains we have,  boost your heart rate, give yourself a minor workout!  Laugh.  And take someone you love on the same laugh ride with you!

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