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Protein–A Powerful Necessity for the Human Body

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Cafe Latte Cinch from Shaklee

Over the next few posts we will delve into Protein and the impact that Protein has on the human body.  My main source for this series is Shaklee’s Health Bulletin by Dr. Jamie McManus.  Dr. McManus puts the need for protein and its benefits in easy to understand terms. I hope that  you learn as much from this information as me!

Protein is essential to the growth, repair, and maintenance of all body tissues. It’s also required for making enzymes – catalysts essential to all life processes, and hormones – powerful chemical messengers that circulate through your bloodstream to specific target cells, where they generate a wide range of biological responses.  Protein also helps your body maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, provides a source of energy, and helps your body fight off disease. These are the powers of protein!

These powers are made possible by consuming adequate amounts of dietary protein from a variety of lean meats, fish, and poultry, as well as soy and milk, which supply the body with amino acids, the basic building blocks from which the body can make its own body proteins.

More to come! Stay well!

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