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Phthalates Linked to ADHD in Study

A recent study by Korean researchers found a link between Phthalates and ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).  Dr Yun-Chul Hong, MD, PhD, senior author of the study said that this study is the first documented association between Phthalates and ADHA in school age children.  In this study of 261 Korean school children, age 8 to 11, the higher the level of Phthalates in the urine, the worse the ADHD symptoms.

Phthalates are often found in toys, cleaning materials, personal care products such as shampoos, air fresheners and lotions and plastics.  While this study is not the final word on the relationship of Phthalates and ADHA, is does gives reason for more study and caution in using products with Phthalates.

Children are particularly sensitive to chemicals in since there bodies are so small.  They do not have the same ability to deal with toxic exposure as adults.  So be careful and mindful when choosing products for children.  Stay Well!

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