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Water, Your New BFF

Despite the snowy weather in most of the US, Spring it really on the way. And we are exercising now to get ready for those long lazy days at the pool or beach in our little swim suits. As we are exercising, we need to remember that Water is our New BFF!

Seems simple, but we often ignore the need to drink water. We need to remember that our body is about 60% water, our brain is about 75% water and our blood is about 82% water! Water in our bodies is also responsible for removing waste, cushioning joints, delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells, and protecting tissues.

Fountain and Lights by Elise Hearn

Fountain and Lights by Elise Hearn

Water is Your New BFF! That may be so but we tend to dehydrate often. Sometimes when we think we are hungry and head to the vending machine or cookie jar, we are really thirsty! The main thing to remember is that we need to stay hydrated each day, even in the winter. Turns out our body relies on water to help keep our temperature regulated. So to stay warm in the winter, drink water.

Carry a non-BPA bottle of water with you when you travel to work or run errands. Metal travel cups wash easily, and keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.   Bottled water is popular since it is “easy” but can be expensive.

Drink water throughout the day, don’t wait until you feel thirsty. So get in the habit of drinking water all day long. Studies show that we lose water as we sleep, so drink a glass of water before bed and then again when you awake.

And of course we lose water when we exercise, so maintain that habit of hydration. Some coaches suggest drinking at least 20 ounces of water about 1 hour before your workout begins. Since it takes about 1 hour for that much water to leave the stomach and migrate to the muscles, you will then be hydrated when you start to exercise.

Also, we need to maintain our water drinking during the workout. Gulping water during the exercise routine seems to be the best way to ingest lots of water. Gulping gets lots of water into the stomach. Sipping only provides a few ounces and often causes cramps according to several fitness coaches. As we sweat at different rates depending on the level of workout and such, we need to add between 14 and 40 ounces per hour.  Try this Hydration Calculator from IBWA.

So as you can see, Water is Your New BFF!  Stay Well! Elise


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