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Coping with Stress

Stress is one of those words that keeps making headlines.  We are all faced with stress each day. Dealing with the kids, the pets, what to wear, driving to work, catching a plane, or making pans for any kind of social gathering, and even watching the news causes stress.  Stress is the little gift that keeps on giving!

According to WebDM, your body responds to stress as if you were in danger.  The flight or fight response that is left over from our origins kicks in with lots of hormones that increase our heart rate, our breathing increases and we have a burst of energy.  Normally we would either stay and fight the cause of this stress or we would run, hence the flight part.  This can be good if we are coming to a deadline, or finishing a race or an important task.

We are designed to handle stress, but with breaks in between instances.  However, if this stress lingers, is not resolved, our bodies are still in the fight or flight mode and those hormones keep on coming.  Cortisol is released in our bodies to repair the damage caused by the stress.  Ongoing release of cortisol ends in this cortisol being stored in fat tissue around our middle section, otherwise known as belly fat.
Belly fat is not easy to get rid of.  Exercise does not really remove it all, so the natural solution is to prevent it from building.  Exercise helps, but not having ongoing stress helps more.  Our reaction to stress is important.  We need to work out every day. We need to laugh each day and do something fun not just repetition! Do what you enjoy in your work out. Walking, dancing, running, boxing, Wii fit and gyms are all options for reducing stress.  Change your routine every few days.

In addition to exercise, play and laughter, we need to maintain proper nutrition levels.  Eat well, not junk food.  Eat in moderation, not junk food! Use your natural supplements so you body has the fuel it requires to recover from the bangs and bumps of exercise.  All this will help you get the rest your need.

Our need of good sleep is a major way of recovering from daily stress.  Exercise combined with good nutrition will aid our sleep so we are truly rested and our bodies are repaired, ready to face a new day and less stress!
Smile, laugh, have fun, sleep.  A good plan to stay well!

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