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Celebrating 100 Years of Innovation

100yearsshakleeeffectlogoAgain, Shaklee has elevated perfection to a new level.  Celebrating 100 Years of Innovation, the Shaklee Corporation has developed a new line of products that is so revolutionary that it has 35 Patents/Patents Pending.  The Shaklee Life Plan.  The Best, Most Comprehensive Nutritional System in the World.  Amazing.

Picture4This is a system that has Life Shakes in both Soy and Non-Soy Plant based formulas.  

Also, as part of the system, Shaklee Vitalizer has a new member of the family called Life Strip!

The Life Strip has all the nutrition of the original Vitalizer but with the addition of Vivix in Liquigels.  And the new Vivix is even more powerful than the original.





So visit my e-commerce site to find out more about the new Innovations from America’s #1 Natural Nutrition Company.

Visit to learn more.4x6_life_plan_postcards_eng_Page_1

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