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What happened to derail such commitment? What kind of Sabotage did you encounter? Or was that Sabotage from your own body? Your own body!

Kidney Stones and Shaklee Performance

Thus, the researachers concluded that Shaklee’s Performance was superior to either Gatorade or water alone at deceasing the risk of kidney stone formation.”

Alternative to Juicing, Easy & Simple

Now her days are filled with good protein, easily absorbed vitamins and more free time! Shaklee 180 Smoothees, fresh fruit and Shaklee Vializer fill the bill! Wow, “juicing” is now simple and easy

The Wonders of an Ice Cube Tray

Just think of all the things you can freeze in the ice cube trays! Cut little pieces of strawberries and blueberries in orange juice for use in morning protein shakes or other beverages.

Fueling Options for Sports Events

Shaklee has been working with Elite Athletes for over 30 years. Shaklee Powered Athletes have won over 100 medals in the Winter and Summer Olympic games along with many other elite athletic competitions.

Preparing for a Long Drive

whether it is across town or across country, take a few minutes to plan your meals, take some healthy snacks, water bottles with your filtered Get Clean Water and have fun in this beautiful country! Fuel for you is as important as fuel for the car!

Holiday Eating Challenges

So this year I am going to follow a few simple rules when it comes to Holiday Eating. Hope they will help you maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout the holidays!

Habits and Change

Change your thoughts Change your life.
When you Change the Way you Look at Things the Things You Look at Change!

Summer Preparations

But are you really ready for all this activity? Have you gotten our homes ready for the coming storms? Have you prepared our emergency kits in case of storm damage or power outages

Water, Your New BFF

We need to remember that our body is about 60% water, our brain is about 75% water and our blood is about 82% water

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