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Tips for Immune System Support

If you smoke, are stressed, eat the wrong kinds of foods, drink too many Sodas, don’t get enough sleep and so on, your immune system can be compromised.

Fueling Options for Sports Events

Shaklee has been working with Elite Athletes for over 30 years. Shaklee Powered Athletes have won over 100 medals in the Winter and Summer Olympic games along with many other elite athletic competitions.

Targeted Solutions to Aging

Good Health is a choice we make each day. Are you making the correct choices to have a healthier life, a longer life, a better quality of life as you age?

How I said Good bye to Colds & Sinus Infections

wWth the addition of NutriFeron and Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex, my sinus woes disappeared. Now they are a faint memory.

The Ultimate Foundation for a Healthier Life

What I like best about Shaklee’s Vitalizer is that it is easy,and I am all for easy and quick. Since all the 80 Bio-optimized vitamins, minerals along with 77x’s more polyphenols ounce per ounce than juice and an amazing amount of anti-oxidants are all delivered in one strip!

Holiday Stress Relief

Now, I am not saying it is easy to ignore those things that push your buttons and add to your stress levels. But you do have the power to change to way you look at things!

Phthalates Linked to ADHD in Study

Dr Yun-Chul Hong, MD, PhD, senior author of the study said that this study is the first documented association between Phthalates and ADHA in school age children.

Dealing with Stressfull Holidays

We all know what extra pressure the holidays bring to our lives.

Just how much Protein do We Need?

As we enter the holiday season, we will be presented with many opportunities to eat things that are not healthy for us. Yes they taste good, but our body does not always need or process these “foods” really well.

Protein–A Powerful Necessity for the Human Body

Protein helps your body fight of disease, provides a source of energy and comes from many different sources.

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