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Cinch Your Weight in 2011

Well, we ate our way through the past few weeks or months if we count all that Halloween candy! Oh My.  The scale is not being too kind right now is it?  Personally I don’t like to diet.  I resent not being able to eat the foods I like while eating those things that are “horrible” to me.  So what to do?
In 2006 I found Shaklee’s Cinch Inch program.  It is different from other “weight loss” programs in that it is powered by an amino acid called Leucine.  Leucine has been shown in clinical tests to help your body retain its muscle mass while loosing fat.  And muscle = metabolism.  Metabolism is necessary for weight management.

So take a long look at the months ahead and decide where you want to be in the spring.  Shaklee’s Cinch Inch program can help you achieve those weight management goals while giving you the vitamins, minerals and protein you need for healthy weight management.  Have those 2 Cinch Shakes each day, enjoy the Lemon Cranberry snack bars, take the 3-in-One Boost tablets with those much needed vitamins and minerals, drink a refreshing cup of Cinch Tea then eat that sensible meal. Loose fat not muscle. Regain your energy and take back control of your life!  Happy New Year.

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