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I’m In for 10!

The long term benefits of weight loss has been studied by many, even the CDC published studies showing the positive effect of weight loss on chronic diseases. I don’t like to be ill, how about you?

Problems with Swallowing Capsules

Problems with Swallowing Capsules is a challenge I find in many of my clients.  They get to a certain age and seem no longer able to swallow capsules or larger tablets without pain. This affliction has people shying away from good vitamins and minerals in lieu of chewable options like babies use.  What the chewable […]

Fueling Options for Sports Events

Shaklee has been working with Elite Athletes for over 30 years. Shaklee Powered Athletes have won over 100 medals in the Winter and Summer Olympic games along with many other elite athletic competitions.

Still “Sick & Tired”?

Diet, lifestyle, wise supplementation and weight loss can help prevent the development of diseases. Prevent the Development of Diseases.

Simple Changes Make a Big Difference

There have been dramatic changes in the our food supply as well as our eating habits that are causing equally dramatic changes in our health

Be Good to Yourself! Change Your Habits

Habits are the things that keep us from health, wealth, happiness and long life. Habits can be changed, but we must make a conscience effort to make those changes.

Coping with Stress

Exercise combined with good nutrition will aid our sleep so we are truly rested and our bodies are repaired, ready to face a new day!

Atlantis Launch Successful!

I had the great privilege to observe the launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle yesterday from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. I was looking over Bay Lake at Walt Disney World and was thrilled to see the launch.

Protein and Weight Management

Studies have shown that achieving a healthy weight and maintaining that weight can help add years to your life, and scientists believe that dietary protein may play an important role in weight management.

Protein’s Impact Continued

Last post we talked about how important Protein is for the human body.  This post continues with a look at how different sources of Protein differ and how they help our bodies stay healthy. Foods provide about 20 different amino acids, of which more than half are considered to be “nonessential.” In other words, the […]

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