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Start 2015 with New Goals

Start 2015 with New Goals for a New Year!  Resolutions are made and quickly broken, forgotten.  Change is never something we embrace easily as humans.  But change can be healthy for us and make us have a better quality of life.  Long life is not good if the last years are spent in hospitals or […]

Sleeping Pills and Death

Patients taking between 18 and 132 doses or more per year had a risk of death more than 5 times those that did not take the sleeping pills.

Endeavor and Shaklee Head to Space

Shaklee, has a role in the continued success of the Space Program. Shaklee has been supplying NASA with a special re-hydration product called Astro-Ade.

Holiday Eating Challenges

So this year I am going to follow a few simple rules when it comes to Holiday Eating. Hope they will help you maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout the holidays!

Just how much Protein do We Need?

As we enter the holiday season, we will be presented with many opportunities to eat things that are not healthy for us. Yes they taste good, but our body does not always need or process these “foods” really well.

Protein and Weight Management

Studies have shown that achieving a healthy weight and maintaining that weight can help add years to your life, and scientists believe that dietary protein may play an important role in weight management.

Green Tip$ for You and the Planet

Now that Spring is here we can open our windows and let the fresh air into our homes. We turn to thoughts and actions of cleaning and refreshing our homes and lives in preparation for a long summer.  The economy is helping us focus our attentions closer to home now, with thoughts of how to […]

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