Greener shopping habits can have positive effects on you, your diet and the environment too!  Simple modifications in how you shop will create greener options for your future. 


**Use a Shopping List– Keep a list on the refrigerator so you can jot down the things you need as you empty a container.  Then, before you go shopping, make an inventory of everything you need for preparing healthy meals at home for the week.  Once you have a plan for your meals your list will keep you on track in the store, eliminating impulse buying and keeping you on your healthy eating focus.  And you will eliminate excess trips to the store! 

**Be a "Bag-Lady"– Since plastic bags are getting hard to find in some areas and paper bags cost us trees, think canvas!  Make a canvas bag yourself and decorate with your favorite logos, teams, or whatever you enjoy.  A great way to get the kids involved too!  Don't sew, that's ok since most grocery stores make them available for purchase near the checkout stand.  The canvas bags are also sold online.  Be creative, supportive or just practical!

**Give Up the Bottle! – Americans buy billions of plastic water bottles every year, and every year those same billions of empty bottles get thrown in the trash. Break the habit and use a neoprene bottle or metal travel cup instead.



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