FountainIs your drinking water as safe as it could be?
Your water may look clean. But the truth is chemicals - such as pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial pollutants - can actually turn up in the tap water your family drinks. Lead is no exception. Lead from your pipes can leach into your water and cause serious health challenges over time, especially for young children.

Each day we are bombarded with chemicals that have adverse effects on us, our children, our pets and the planet.  Over 80,000 chemicals are used each day and the EPA has required testing on less than 500 for their toxicity. 

Each Day 42 BILLION pounds of chemicals are produced or imported to the USA.

We all enjoy pleasant scents.  The air after a spring rain storm, the breeze off the ocean in the early morning mist, the forest musky aroma when the layers of leaves are disturbed, and best of all, the scent of fresh sheets taken from the clothesline on a summers day.  Now those are pleasant scents to me.  Flowers are good, but tend to lead to sneezing if overdone. 

If you have never been through a Hurricane you have missed a scary experience. I do not recommend to anyone that they purposely stay in an area that is expecting a violent Hurricane to pass over. It is too dangerous!
Hurricanes are huge. Unlike Severe Thunderstorms or Tornadoes, Hurricanes cover entire states like Florida.
Here are some interesting facts from NOAA:

Just How Toxic is Your Home?

Have you ever used a cleaning product and coughed a lot from the fumes?  Do you ever wonder why your hands turn red and itch while you are cleaning? Your nose runs and your eyes water don’t they?  Why do we use such stuff?

In the search for safe products we are often lead from store to store, but here is a source for safe, green products for you, your home and your family!  At Shaklee, we believe that home should be the safest place in the world. 

Buy Locally Grown Produce– Buying locally grown foods at a farmer's market gives you fresh vegetables and fruits grown in your area, in season.  Soups, salads and casseroles will brim with the variety of fruits and vegetables that are offered locally.  Buying locally also helps to cuts down on the environmental costs associated with transporting produce to your community from great distances, plus the produce is so fresh! Wow, veggies never tasted so good.



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