Water is You!

SunriseSeems simple, but we often ignore the need to drink water.  We need to remember that your body is about 60% water, you brain is about 75% water and your blood is about 82% water!  Water is You.

That may be so but we tend to dehydrate often.   Sometimes when we think we are hungry and head to the vending machine or cookie jar, we are really thirsty! Drink Water.

The main thing to remember is that we need to stay hydrated each day, even in the winter.  Turns out our body relies on water to help keep our temperature regulated.  So to stay warm in the winter, drink water.  Personally I heat my cup of water just a little to take the cold off, since I use a filtered water pitcher that I keep in the refrigerator. 

I use a Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher* and it performs well.  Get Clean® Water is a revolutionary new water pitcher filtration system certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce up to 99% of lead —as well as dozens of other nasty contaminants that can turn up in your water and may be harmful to your health.

Carry a non-BPA bottle of water with you when you travel to work or run errands.   Metal  travel cups wash easily, and keep hot beverages and cold beverages cold.  Other options are in stores and online.  Bottled water is popular since it is “easy” but it is also expensive.  My Get Clean Water Pitcher replaces over 600 18oz water bottles per filter!

Drink water throughout the day, don’t wait until you feel thirsty.  So get in the habit of drinking water all day long.

Studies show that we lose water as we sleep, so drink a glass of water before you go to bed and then again when you awake. 

Shaklee  PerfromanaceAnd of course we lose water when we exercise, so maintain that habit of hydration.  You may also want to look into sports drinks* to add the salts and minerals your body looses during exercise.  I use Shaklee Performance® hydration drink before, during and after exercise, house cleaning and any strenuous activity, alternating with glasses of water from my Get Clean Water Pitcher.  Shaklee Performance® is clinically proven to hydrate better than water. Plus, Performance has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink.

So as you can see, Water is You!  And you is water.  


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