Enfuselle® Proven Protection for Younger Looking Skin from Shaklee
For generations, Shaklee has led the scientific world in nutrition. Today, researchers agree that the same ingredients which protect your health also play a significant role in the appearance of your skin. Now Shaklee’s unparalleled expertise has been applied to skin care. Extensive clinical tests have demonstrated
Enfuselle® Nutrition Therapy™ Systemconclusively that the Enfuselle skin care system offers complete protection against the visible effects of both time and the environment.  

Enfuselle® Nutrition Therapy™ System

All the vitamins your skin craves!  Be ahead of your time.  Look 10 years behind it!  Guaranteed.
Specially formutalted to nourish, renew and protect your skin with triple-patented Vital Repair+ Complex.
Resuts so amazing, you won't believe your mirror.




CHRONOLOGICAL AGING — Time takes its toll on skin:
*  Fine lines creep in          *  Moisture retention decreases
*  Blotches appear            *  Skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to
ACCELERATED AGING — Higher levels of UV radiation and pollution from global warming can cause skin damage to occur faster and become apparent at an earlier age:

-   Iron in tap water creates damaging oxidation reactions
-   Free radicals attack skin cells
-   Sun causes skin damage
Many skin care products on the market today claim to nourish and protect the skin with one or more antioxidant ingredients. Unfortunately, these ingredients only address certain parts of the complex cascade of free radical damage on the surface of the skin. What’s more, these ingredients may be present at very low levels or in forms which may not be absorbed or utilized by your skin.

You can trust the Shaklee Enfuselle® Nutrition Therapy™ System  for your skin care, just as I have since 2005.  I am always getting compliments on how nice my skin is, even at age 60+!  Join me in healthier skin.



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